One: There is an official, government mandated site for getting a free credit report and they're not it.
Experian has donated over $200,000 to the organization, according to their founder in response to questions from the New York Times reporter Ron Lieber. Complaints about TripleAdvantage failing to honor cancellation requests abound at the Better Business Bureau, the FTC and Knowzy. New laws make it tough to offer free credit reports followed by expensive credit monitoring. However, those 50 points can make all the difference in the world when you're shopping for a mortgage or car loan.
If you don’t own a home and you rent, Quizzle will spit out a simple affordable home caulation, based on your household gross, debt, and estimated down payment.  Thanks to Quizzle, I now know home ownership in my area is never within reach! For example, in the debt section, Quizzle will automatically input all the balances from your credit card accounts based on your credit report — but since the credit report may be outdated or inaccurate, you can adjust and fine tune the amounts to your actual debt responsibilities. Sounds neat, but I don’t know if I would trust a third party site with my personal info. I just had my credit scores provided by the three credit reporting agencies, none of those scores were as low as the score reported by Quizzle. I just received a score from Quizzle that was 98 points higher than what my score actually is. Getting a truly free, no-strings attached, credit score is difficult (some would say impossible) these days. I should not that if you get a free score from Go Free Credit as I did, you must agree to sign up for a credit monitoring service at $19.99 a month.
Credit Karma - Credit Karma uses the TransUnion credit report and their own formula to create a credit score.
Credit Sesame - Credit Sesame give you a Experian credit score, so in theory it should match the one from Go Free Credit. As suggested by FTC regulations, please note that we may have a financial relationship with the companies mentioned on this site.
This web site's contents do not signify a solicitation or offer for check advances in all states. When the end of the calendar year rolls around – like the fourth quarter – I regularly hear from consumers who rush to check all three credit reports, thinking the clock will reset on January 1. Self disclosure time: At one point I even believed this was how it worked and made that same mistake. When using the Annual Credit Report website, you will be bombarded with paid ads; some clearly identified as such, others not so much.
The “I want my free credit score” is an advertisement and so is the Score tab which is next to the Report tab at the top. It’s not until after you click the “FREE SCORE” button above where you are taken to a page which fully explains that you are actually enrolling in a 7-day trial. Now in all honesty, I actually don’t have a problem with these types of “free” trial offers.
Coincidentally, while writing this review I actually encountered Experian not being available (pictured left). When a credit bureau is unavailable like this, it’s probably due to routine site maintenance or some other temporary issue.
Thanks to all those TV commercials for LifeLock and Identity Guard, the business of selling monthly ID protection subscriptions seems to be hotter than ever (but it’s debatable whether they’re justified). So I guess it comes as no surprise that we’re getting bombarded with ID theft prevention ads when all we want to do is get our free credit reports. I have requested a free online credit report from all three bureaus, staggered through out the year (one different bureau report every four months ). Sounds to me like the bureaus are making the process more difficult for the customers, and the FTC is not following up on this.
Used to be a great site, but something happened along the way, and it now doesn’t work.
My insurance jumped from $777 a year to over $1,900 because Transunion submitted a credit report full of errors. I wonder whether some of the problems people report are due to (1) inaccurately answering challenge questions, (2) a credit report has already been requested within the last 12 months by someone else or, (3) the credit reports accurately report fraudulent activity. Site does not work, gave me an error when I tried to view my reports then said that I had already used my one free viewing. While annualcreditreport may not be a scam, the way that the CB’s are accessed via them, IS. As for Experian, it last worked for me in July 2014, also worked smoothly a year before that. Thanks for the information provided you provided, I just received my credit report from Transunion, quick and no problem.
I think AnnualCreditReport online was voluntary for the three agencies and now they don’t want to do it any more. Nothing has changed on this website; my experience was much the same as others have posted. This is a completely Free Monthly Credit Monitoring Service from Credit Sesame.  They will update your credit score and debt profile for free every month. Your credit score is a number ranging from 300-850, with lower numbers representing a "poor credit risk" and higher ones indicating an "excellent credit risk." Your credit score can make a difference of several hundred dollars a month in your mortgage or car payment. It's a good idea to monitor your credit score regularly to be on the lookout for changes that require investigation. Yes, there lots of places online that offer a "free credit score" - one time, with strings attached. Firms that make such offers are required by law to let you cancel a subscription without penalty during a trial period, which can range from only 7 to a more reasonable 30 days. If you're merely curious and you want just an estimate of your FICO credit score, MyFICO offers a free Credit Score Estimator. Some banks and major retailers offer ongoing credit score monitoring as part of their services. There are a few exceptions that I have found: Credit Karma is advertiser-supported, so you will be presented with offers from credit card companies and other lenders after you give your personal information, in exchange for your credit score.

One important caveat is that Credit Karma does not give you your official "FICO" credit score.
Another free option is Credit Sesame, which provides your Experian credit score from and an overview of your credit and debt situation. Finally, there's Quizzle, a subsidiary of the company that also owns Quicken Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.
For some reason, I had to submit one of the three requests by snail mail on last year's order, but I did eventually receive the report. As someone who has worked in automotive finance for 20 years, I can honestly say that far too much emphasis is placed on these scores. The second thing that is important to know about the elusiveness of these scores is that there are literally DOZENS of different versions of these scores, even within the same bureau. Consumer Reports currently has a petition campaign that they want to send to our lawmakers to compel them to REQUIRE the credit bureau system to come up with more uniform standards of scoring, and make those all readily available to the average consumer in much the same way that our credit reports are currently made available to us. You neglected to mention that Walmart credit card holders get a free FICO score if they opt out of paper statements.
Therefore, the crippling new federal disclosure requirements don't apply when you're offering a credit score, rather than a credit report.
You may find you don't qualify or you're going to pay a lot more for the loan than expected.
The third slide shows just the differences between the two pages- there's not much to show.
Even with refined and accurate recommendations from Quizzle, you’ll be well served if you do additional research by trying other comparison services. In short, if Quizzle continues to provide valuable free analytic, tools, and estimation along with refining their loan recommendations, this should be a clear win-win situation for both the mortgage-related consumers and Quizzle. While I think that Quizzle is great for trying to help, they really did nothing at all for me. I have been struggling with my credit (under 600) for years and REALLY REALLY want to improve and do better.
I was pretty happy with the 808, 808, 819, on Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion respectively.
This service is free for the first 7 days, so if you decide that you don't want it, you can cancel it right away costing you nothing. They also provide you with the VantageScore, the score that is a combined measure from all three bureaus. There's actually a big difference in mine as Credit Sesame has me with a 817 credit score (see my Credit Sesame Review for more information.) I'll be placing an inquiry into the services to find out what's up with that. Check out Cafe Credit for a full comparison of free credit score websites in the United States.
Once you have your credit score, go see "What is a Good Credit Score?" to find out how you did.
Rather, it is operated by Central Source LLC, which is a joint venture created by the three credit reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
It’s not until the following year when they discover they will have to wait twelve full months after checking before they can do it again. Yeah, technically it is free but if you don’t cancel, you will be automatically billed at the regular price (which was $14.95 per month last I checked).
I don’t think they are a scam as long the terms are clearly and prominently identified (in order words, if the consumer truly knows what they’re signing up for). Their theory is that it’s allegedly used as a trick, to deter them from the free report and, instead, go to credit bureau’s website directly and buy a report.
A message would be spit back saying they can’t confirm my identity and to get the report through this site, I would have to jump through hoops to validate my ID. The web barriers are very difficult to surmount, so most people give up and pay money, as ACR wants.
I called and requested my credit reports (I was not interested in my FICO) due to my bank calling regarding several fraudulent charges.
Just one thing I would wish to say is purchasing gadgets items through the Internet is certainly not new. I stayed away from requesting my FICO score though, as I do not want to pay a one-time or monthly fee.
Tried it more than once, because I only wanted one report so I could space them out, same thing.
It asked me questions about mortgages and payments that I never heard of (I have not applied for credit in any form for 15 years). Tried to complain to Central Source LLC but there is no phone number listed in atlanta, GA.
This one number summarizes your creditworthiness, and it's the first thing lenders look at when you apply for a loan, and often the last. They may know what it was the last time they applied for a loan, but it may have changed since then.
Just checking your score will not affect your rating, but it can be costly to monitor your credit score.
You'll have to fork over a credit card number for a trial subscription to an ongoing credit monitoring service. Any of these scores you get online will pretty much guaranteed NOT match what your lender is looking at. It's very honest and it helped me make my final decision to go with Credit Karma, even if they don't give FICO. Because of Experian's primary motivation for donating, evading new federal restrictions on free credit report offers, DonorsChoose is getting some unwelcome attention.
Donors browse the web site, find a project or school they wish to support and make a donation toward it. You may pull your Experian credit report as often as you want at no charge (beyond the $14.95 per month for TripleAdvantage). I already had my credit scores from the three reporting agencies and I think that was kind of crappy. It is what is known as a hard pull - which in short means that it will impact my credit score.

I found it worthwhile to get this report, even though most lenders will use the FICO scores.
It's free to sign up (there's nothing to cancel and you never need to enter a credit card). However, we do not accept compensation in any form in exchange for positive reviews, and the reviews found on this site represent the opinions of the author. One of its provisions required each of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) to provide consumers free access to their credit reports every 12 months. They think it means they can check their credit report from each of the three bureaus once per calendar year (example: Check Equifax once in 2015, once in 2016, and so forth). The truth is that they really do have to validate you’re the real deal before handing over your personal report. Then that person types your information on their computer so it’s exposed again to hacking. In fact, in the past ten years alone, the market for online gadgets has grown substantially. You're probably paying for it somewhere among all the other charges you get from any service provider. Part way into the current recession, all my banks ('cept one)cut my credit lines back to $100.00 over my current balances. Currently, it's the first and only website to free credit scores, reports and monitoring updated DAILY.
Like Credit Sesame, it's free to sign up (there's nothing to cancel and you never need to enter a credit card). I had to call them to complain, and then they offered me half price to remain a member if I agreed to stay on for 5 years. Funny thing is I purchased all three including scores two days ago through Experian Credit Tracker with no problem. When first introduced, it was fairly painless to sign in and obtain all 3 credit reports in less than 30 minutes. Today, you’ll find practically almost any electronic gadget and product on the Internet, from cameras in addition to camcorders to computer elements and video games consoles. But identity theft is a growing problem, and ID thieves may be ruining your credit score without your knowledge. Although I never have missed a payment and never even been late on even one single payment, that action cut my credit score by about 80 points.
This is where getting a credit score comes in extremely handy as this is what is used to determine the rates.
They ask very picky and detailed questions, which are unnecessary and often impossible to answer. Yes, there were options to sign up for my credit score, but it was easy to avoid all that and just get my report. In order to obtain the corresponding credit scores, the consumer had the option to quickly purchase them (for about $7.00 each) without any additional gimmicks. I would like to see someone look in to Experian failing to deliver the free annual credit report. I felt successful (but knowingly having a very long way still to go) in at least having improved.
To complicate matters further, FICO has created a little-used NextGen Score and the three credit bureaus have combined to create a VantageScore. I couldn’t see anything that looked like it needed to be corrected, but then the site told me I had maxed out on my attempts to correct the form. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or disclosure is prohibited without the company's express written consent.
They reject you for any of the above and you have to start over or worse they say you are disqualified.
If you can figure out how to navigate all the social media sites, then this should be a breeze. As a finance professional, I’m always required to keep a vigilant watch over my own credit info and also provide clients with reliable guidance about doing the same for themselves. But incorrect, inconsistent, or missing information in your credit files can cause them to differ.
It makes no sense to me that the US would pass a law (FACTA) requiring the 3 main credit reporting agencies to make available to consumers 1 free copy of their credit report each year, but never follow up to verify the execution of the law! In this day and age of identity theft and account fraud, every citizen should have a legal right to obtain a free copy of their credit reports AND their credit scores at least once per year without any additional obligations, such as “trial memberships”! I do not recommend Quizzle because it provides its users with a FALSE sense of achievement and an inaccurate snapshot of creditworthiness.
Currently, just 2 out of the 3 credit reporting agencies provide an option for the consumer to make a 1 time purchase of their credit score along with their free annual report.
Beginning in 2014, Trans Union started requiring the purchase of their Trans Union Plus Membership in order to obtain their credit score. When I attempted to purchase my Trans Union score today, I encountered the same obstacle as last year.
So, I grudgingly repeated the process of signing up for their unwanted service, with the intention of cancelling it within 24 hours- as I successfully did last year. However, after nearly an hour of wasted time, I was informed by one of their phone reps that I would not be allowed to repeat the same strategy because Trans Union only allows 1 trial membership account per social security number. So basically, Trans Union is preventing consumers from purchasing their credit scores once each year. The grocery store does not require a customer to buy a year’s supply of bakery goods with each purchase of a loaf of bread. My concern is that the other 2 credit reporting agencies will eventually follow this unethical business practice without any accountability.

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