A little while ago I was designing a website that had the main content split into a left and right column with a narrow center column for basic navigation and some Google Ads.
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32 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter If you’re running a small or medium business and you’re want to create a website for your company, you are right to come here, because in this post we collect 50 free business website template from several web designers. The Number of  internet user that use mobile devices for accessing internet is greatly increased, and if you want to make your corporate website more flexible and mobile friendly website, there are several free responsive business templates that you can download and use it to make your website look good on a variety of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Tablet and an old computer with low-level screen resolution.
Let’s look at some of these free website templates, and please don’t forget to check the license before downloading, because some of these template are available for personal use only and both for commercial projects.

Thanks to many of the generous souls, most of these web templates found online are no longer the same.
The basic idea was that the center column is a fixed pixel width and the outside columns were to be fluid and stretch to equally fill the remainder of the page.
This could have a number of interesting applications where a website's main content can be split into two equal columns.
A lot of them are high quality, XHTML compliant, cross-browser compatible and comes with Photoshop .PSD files.
In addition to this, each column was to have equal height background colours no matter which was the longest and the center column had to come last in the source ordering.

As a developer cum designer myself, I wouldn’t say you should get a nice free template and implement directly, but rather, check out the structure, design and codes.

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