Never miss another post, subscribe now for all the latest projects & simple solutions sent straight to your inbox! When it comes to Valentine’s day, Brandon and I would much rather stay home than go out.
So this year I wanted to come up with fun ideas that Brandon and I will be able to do at home after Baby Johnson arrives! The first thing that you will need to do is pick out the paper patterns that you want to print your date night ideas on.
Next you will need to put the glue on the wide wooden sticks, rub the glue all around and place it on the back of the paper strips. Once the glue has dried, trim off any excess paper and smooth the edges down with a sanding block. Whether you are a new couple or and old married couple, spending time together and “dating” each other is so important! Watch the sunset. Sure, it sounds kinda cheesy, but if you have a clear view and an open mind, it’s can be an amazing date! Visit a local art show. If you live near downtown, many larger cities have free art and photography shows frequently. Have a friendly competition. Whether it’s racing in the park, or doing a workout video in your living room, competing can reignite the spark with quickness!
Drive to the drive-in. Drive-in movie theaters are becoming extinct, unfortunately – but there are still a few out there. Attend a cultural festival. Every year, there are several different cultural festivals in all major cities across the United States. Volunteer together. Find a soup kitchen, or a homeless shelter, and see if they need volunteers (they always do!).
Go camping. Even if it’s in your back yard, set up a tent and roast some marshmallows, too! Go technology-free. Turn out all the lights, unplug the electronics, and have dinner by candle light.
Have a movie marathon! Rent your favorite scary, romantic, or funny movies and pop some popcorn. I am a stay at home mom of 5 (Brianna – 16, Levi – 6, Shem – 4, Selah – 2, and Sarai - 0) from Sheboygan, WI who LOVES to travel and bake cupcakes!
6. Getting to Know You Matching Game – A fun and interesting way to get to know your spouse on a whole new level! 10. Double Feature Date Night – Make your next at-home movie night extra special with lots of free printables!
20. Vacation Planning Date  – Your next vacation might not be free, but planning your next trip is! 25. Campout for 2 – If you have the gear, camping is a GREAT option for anyone who is pinching pennies! 34. The Bookstore Date – With our free printables, your local bookstore transforms into a scavenger hunt for two!
39. Steamy Bucket List – List your most longed-for desires and then get busy making those dreams come true!
If you are really looking for tips to save money in your marriage check out our post: Tips and Tricks to Survive Marriage with Money! I am a Spanish-speaking, theater-teaching, ballroom dancer with a conviction of the importance of dating my love!

About 2 weeks ago your RSS feed switched from showing the full article to just the headline. Whether you are married, planning a wedding, or just looking for ways to add the spark back to your relationship, here are some simple but fun ideas to show you that you don’t need a bunch of money to plan a date night with your honey.
I know that money can get in the way of doing this regularly, which is why the ideas I’m sharing for the DIY Date Night Idea Jar are free or under $20. I also included a sheet of blank cards with the printable so you can write in your own date night ideas if the ones I shared aren't up your alley. My name is Jessica and I'm a wedding, engagement and lifestyle photographer based in Boone, NC. I'm sitting here staring out my dining room windows to see a scene engulfed by white-out conditions. Sign up for the Weekly Newsletter to receive all the new recipes, DIY projects, and tips straight to your inbox each week!
The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Not only does it give you the chance to get out of mommy mode, but it puts a little more zing in your bada-bing. Here are tons of awesome men-approved date night ideas from The Dating Divas including ideas for the sports fans, the fit and active guys, the movie buffs and then of course, for the guys who don’t mind a little (or alot) of intimacy.
The Rays of Sunshine has these really sweet Date Night in a Jar idea using popsicle sticks. It is It gives Brandon and I the opportunity to have a date night in almost every week of the year!
So if you know of any just other great ideas, just let me know in the comments below and I would love to add them to my jar. Keeping the romance alive after you’ve been together for a while doesn’t have to break the bank! If you take fruit home, it will cost you, but most orchards let you eat as much as you’d like while you’re on the tour, at no cost! A stay at home mom to 5, wife, homeschooler, blogger, travel lover, and Disney princess at heart!
To learn more about ’em, click here.No matter what your style, we have rounded up the best of the best FREE date night ideas for you and your spouse!
All About Us Charades  – Get to know your sweetie better with this fun game of charades. Use our Bingo cards to seek out unique scenes that you might just find at your local store! Romantic nights in the bedroom don’t cost a thing, but these ideas will only make your experience unforgettable!
Make Out Session – A steamy make out session costs absolutely nothing and is sure to please your spouse!
Cuddle Kit for 2 – Everything you need to enjoy a night in and cuddle up next to your honey. Enjoy great tips on how to pamper, be pampered and have a great time on a date with your spouse! I met my Prince Charming when I was 15 years old and 12 years later we created our own happily ever after. These are all things that Cody and I do together as well as things that I want us to do soon!

I kept it simple and just tied a piece of twine around the top and then added some stickers with phrases that focused on feelings I hope that we conjure on our date nights. I'm known for capturing the spirit of the folks I photograph--the expressions, gestures, and details that are outward expressions of our innermost selves. A place where love and the mysteries of life meet a frugal mom with a big opinion about everything!
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Near Valentine’s Day I always get a little more mushier than normal when I start seeing fun and frugal date night ideas on the web. Honestly though, these are all great ideas for any date night – not just on your anniversary. The restaurants are always packed, usually extremely loud and you have to call ahead, way in advance, to book reservations. My husband and I used to take picnic lunches to the lighthouse on the lake before we had kids, and it was always so nice to just sit and enjoy the scenery and talk to each other!
Check out 50 different ideas that include date nights at home, out on the town, and date nights that are EXTRA romantic! Trade date nights with another couple that has kiddos so you can support one another and strengthen your relationships with your partners at the same time. There are so many different activities you can do as a couple to have fun and reconnect. What ideas would you add to the list?! I love working with couples, individuals and families who are committed to travel, adventure, and laid-back lifestyles.
Sometimes the thought of date night seems exhausting, especially if it’s planned on a day that happens to have been a crazy day. She even shares tons of ideas to write on your sticks for date night or you can create some of your own ideas, depending on what you and yours like to do. When I am not chasing my little Smiths around the house, you can find me trying out new gadgets, testing new recipes, and traveling every chance I get!
It’s all about reconnecting with that special someone, it doesn't really even matter what you do. I'm a free-spirited wedding, engagement, and lifestyle photographer who loves working with couples, families, and individuals who are committed to travel, adventure, and laid-back lifestyles. To be honest, weeknights we’re both so tired and the weekends are full of laundry, catnaps and binge watching Dr.
Some of my favorite date night ideasA are things like a romance moviesA marathon on a Friday or Saturday night.
Dress it up with pillows and a blanket, and lights wrapped around the trees for a more romantic atmosphere. Cloudy with a Chance of Wine shares these 15 Fun and Frugal Date Night Ideas for us tired parents. Some of my favorite ones include making s’mores around a fire in the backyard and having a fondue night at home.

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