Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 18:42One of the worst mistake most graduates and professional people have is using free email services like the likes of Yahoo, Gmail and live. The email domain is free, and looks professional, if you visit the website to have a new email, you probably will be free to have your name with the free domain name, and it can help you stand taller than your peer and also gains respect. Back in the day, AOL had a cool service that let you create a custom domain email address for free and you could use any domain name you wanted, even if it was already registered. You can still create a personalized email address, but it’s not possible without paying.
You can scroll down and click the See other options link to see other available options for that domain name.
If none of those suit your fancy, click on the New tab and it’ll show you the options available with all the new top-level domains.
Once you find a domain you are happy it, purchase it and then read on to the next section, which will show you how to setup your email using NameCheap also.
When you are purchasing your domain, you’ll see the option to add email hosting on NameCheap and what I really love is that it’s free for 2 months! Go ahead and click the add to cart button for the free private email and it will bring you to another page where you can choose the email addresses you would like. Now just follow through the checkout process, during which you’ll have to create an account.
Type in the local part of the email address you would like, then give your mailbox a password and then click the Create Mailboxes button. However, if you want immediate access, the link should be in the Private Email email that you get from NameCheap. Now you have to login using the email address you just created and the password you just set for that mailbox. About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. So this post is all about getting your free GoDaddy email activated so that you can plug your new, professional looking email in everywhere on your web presence. Once you click “Use Credit,” the right hand side of your web screen will refresh and present a panel that lists the domain(s) available to use your free email credit with.
Select the domain you want to use (if you only have one domain name with GoDaddy, then there will only be one option) and scroll down the panel and click the green continue button.
Once you’ve clicked the green continue button, you’ll see that the center of your web browsing screen will either show the domain’s newly created email under Email Plans (just below the yellow box from above) or add it to an existing list of domains.

After clicking the Manage Account link for your email box, your browser will open a new tab called Email Control Center (see screenshot below). A new pop-up called “Create Mailbox” will appear in the center of your web browsing screen. Leave the “Space for this mailbox” as-is (you can change any of these settings later if you want to reallocate more or less space among other free email accounts if you have other GoDaddy domain names). You’ll see that once the pop-up closes, you’ll be returned to a web browsing screen that shows that your recently added mailbox is pending setup (I’ve highlighted this in the screenshot below). This is handy but not something I use mostly because I have so many free GoDaddy emails, it’s kinda of cumbersome. Next week I’ll talk about what I do use, to corral all my emails from various custom domains, into one place, my Outlook Inbox.
In the meantime though, GoDaddy has a thorough email help section online that can step you through connecting your GoDaddy email to Microsoft Outlook or your Apple computer. But sometimes, some of us don't want to spare the $10 or we are not good with configuring our emails, but still need something that sets you out from the crowd, and this is when you open something that still looks professional and at the same time, free. After filling the form for name, gender, country and date of birth, you are presented with the option to choose your desired email address. The reason for that is because you need to first purchase a domain name in order to setup the email for that domain.
It lets you search for a keyword and then will give you all the options you could possibly imagine for that keyword.
Also, some of them have a little lightning icon next to the name and if you hover over it, it will tell you the restriction for that domain name.
You’ll notice immediately that these are also a lot more expensive than the traditional ones.
Actually, read the section below before buying the domain from NameCheap because you can add 2 free months of email hosting when checking out. For most people, you might only need the email address for a couple of weeks while sending invitations, etc.
Once you’re done, click on the Manage Account button or go back to the homepage and click Sign In. If you bought more than one domain, you have to select the domain you want to manage email for. I thought that it would do that on its own since I had typed in the custom domain name I wanted, but apparently you have to do it manually.

It’s a bit of a process and it will take you about an hour to do all of this, but if you really want a personalized email address, this is really the only way to go about it. I wanted my surname as the domain, which turned out to be still available (Yay!!!), so I was happy to pay the yearly fee.
Well, I hear a lot of requests from clients participants who have gotten their tech savvy on in one of my workshops.
Once you’ve signed in, hover over “Email” in the top navigation and select “My Email Account” under Email Management.
In my example below, I’ve highlighted the newly created email which you can see sits between several other email accounts assigned to various domains I previously secured with GoDaddy. On the very right hand side of the new screen that’s shown you’ll see another gold “Add” button. You can click the “What is this?” hyperlink to get GoDaddy’s explanation of what this checkbox option does. It can take up to a few hours for GoDaddy to do it’s behind-the-scenes thang, however, most of the time, it takes less than an hour. So in order to get a personalized domain email address, you first have to register a domain. However, you can just uncheck that and check the custom blank box at the bottom and that will become your free one. The great thing about NameCheap is that it also supports IMAP, so you can use Outlook or whatever email client you want to manage your email. Of course, you can register your domain anywhere and there are hundreds of email hosting companies, but I just recommend NameCheap because I think it gives you the best value for the price and it’s very easy to use. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.
If this is your only domain with GoDaddy, you’ll only have one “Manage Account” link to click. I just keep refreshing the screen (by hitting my F5 key) and waiting for the status to change to active. They also have the option to forward all the email from that account to another one if you like.

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