Need for Speed World is a free MMO game based on the worldwide famous franchise from Electronic Arts. Each game profile contains useful information about the game, gameplay videos, user reviews, gameplay screenshots, system requirements and more! This game ban players for using bugs and stupid cheaters everywhere, instead of fixing the bug. Ive played for 3 years and got banned but I still cant quit because theres no other game like this in the market. I play this game for 5 year’s, now all kit are only shop (pagah!!) if you shop you can buy the most fast car in game, the game is full of cheater and admin dont ban him, this game close in 1 year. It’s a completely free-to-play game, with the initial restrictions lifted, so that any player is able to enjoy the game and level up with the fastest racing cars all the way up to level 50. Watch as you climb the rankings and race the most fantastic cars, selected from a large list.

Then an update came along and caused the chat function’s scripting to mess with the revving scripting, which meant NO ONE could go over second gear, not even with NOS. And the stats number is not accurate, mean a pay2win C Class car can beat the hell on ingame credit purchased B class car without any power ups. We do not intend to infringeany legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright.
You don’t have to pay anything to download and play the game, it’s up to you to decide what to pay, when to pay, and most importantly, if you really want to pay.
I hear that the game will close for good this coming July and you cant register for it anymore.
My legit account is still up and running, there are A LOT of hackers on this game and from what I could tell lately the admins HAVE been handling it and dealing with them. You can spend real money on new cars and customize your rides but there’s nothing forcing you to do it.

I no longer cheat, I only did it to get unlimited power-ups because the game IS PAY TO WIN!!!! But if you play long enough, you can get a nice car that will win the majority of it’s races with no problems. Secondly, I think the missing chat is causing players to quit and new players to try it once, then quit shortly after.

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