A free ebook could theoretically hook a reader, especially if it’s Book 1 in a series. You have to have an ebook cover made (I’m not artistic, so this involves a monetary cost for me). As to offering your works for free there are plenty of authors who have done free podcast novels and have then got a publishing deal out of it. Anyway came here after seeing Ice Cracker II on Feedbooks so will download it and add it to my library to read at some point.
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Amazon control approximately two thirds of the eBook market and Kindle software works across many popular handheld devices, so we’ll focus on the Kindle Direct Publishing process.
Start by visiting the Kindle Direct Publishing portal, read the guidelines, and watch the 6-minute video overview before you move on. Enter your eBook’s name, edition number if appropriate, your details as publisher, a description, and your name as author in the Contributors section.
DRM-protected eBooks can still be shared legitimately between Kindle owners for short periods of time. Most publishers and self-publishing experts recommend a low price for eBooks, lower than print editions, but you must price as you see fit. Amazon ties the price and royalty rate together, so for instance eBooks at a very low price only attract a 35% royalty rate.
If you want to be well known rather than rich, Smashwords adds that free eBooks get downloaded around 100 times more than priced eBooks.
Next in the Amazon publishing process you’ll be asked to set options for price matching, prices in different territories, and whether you will allow Kindle Book Lending. The Lending Library seems to have a positive impact on sales, so you can consider it a legitimate way of sharing with DRM enabled. Dale is a Product Marketing Manager responsible for shaping all the marketing for PagePlus and WebPlus, keeping up with what's going on in those markets and describing those products to people clearly to help make them even more popular.
Print,I know well but ebook production is something very new to me and you have clarified a number of things I wasn’t sure of. Still puzzled about the cover though – I read that it has to be a separate file, and take that to mean a single file for front, back and insides.

On October 4, 2010 Barnes & Noble announced that Publt, its self publishing ebook platform. How to Locate and Select the Best Publishing Options for Ebooks on the Web 10 hints to assess and choose the best digital publishing software for ebooks, enewsletters and other edocuments.
It features the same heroes that star in the longer work, and I included a novel excerpt at the end of the story.
I’ve read about quite a few people offering a free ebook (often the first book in a series) and having thousands of people download the freebie but never go on to purchase the non-free ebooks. I have read plenty of excellent free books that I have downloaded from Feedbooks, Smashwords and other such sites.
After signing in, you can immediately start submitting your eBook, supplying fine detail and defining your rights. Do not bulk-out the name with additional descriptive words, stick to using the actual name otherwise the eBook might not be published. As all digital publishers Adding DRM does not guarantee protection against copying or pirating, so consider whether you want the layer of protection it does provide for the restrictions that come with it.
Amazon will process the file, saying it’s being converted even if it is already in a Kindle-friendly format.
Specialised content can attract a higher price, while a very low price could end up earning you more, if your eBook is mentioned by word of mouth to a huge audience, and given momentum online.
The DRM-protected service allows Kindle owners to loan eBooks to another Kindle owner for up to 14-days, during which time they won’t be able to read it themselves. Joining the service means your book might be loaned for free to reviewers and other people, and by signing up you’ll be entitled to bonus payments. The KDP Select fund may not be topped up forever, so this might be an opportunity to take while you can.
Your book file size after processing is listed below the pricing table during the submission process.
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I’ve produced three magazines a year for over 11 years using it and once we were past version 6, very rarely have had any problem. Now available to any American bank account holder—author or publisher—interested in uploading their ebook for publication.

I suppose there’s a reason restaurants always make you buy one meal (and two beverages, thank you very much) in order to get one free.
DRM digitally signs files to limit their use, so they are only available for reading on authorised devices. The list price for a Kindle eBook is meant to be at least 20% lower than any print edition list price, and the list price should also allow for temporary reductions, promotions and price matching with other stores. Delivery costs are ignored if opting for the flat rate 35% royalty option, but are used as part of royalty calculations if you want the 70% rate, so it pays to have optimized your images on output. With the recent increase of electronic book activity, an excess of electronic book publishing software follows. The hope is that some of the people who read the story might be interested enough to buy the novel.
If I were you I would put out the hook for one dollar and up the price of the book to something more respectable. Publishing and design advice is also available through Amazon’s CreateSpace portal, which offers free and paid-for services for (print) authors, musicians and filmmakers.
The example provided by Amazon is a book about the history of the discovery of DNA, its keywords could be DNA, history of DNA – and although unsaid it implies you should choose 5 other terms, maybe genetics, genes, biology, evolution, discovery. So the question is, how do you decide which software is best for your publishing business or for yourself? If you want to know about the popularity of specific search terms related to your eBook topic, you could use a tool aimed at webmasters that helps choose keywords for their website, Google’s Keyword Tool. Sharing does not necessarily mean nobody will ever pay for your book, it can contribute to word of mouth, serving as a way of promoting your book, and if the purchase price is low people will still be encouraged to buy rather than obtain a copy by other means.
Finding ebook Software The first step is to research the available digital publishing software options.

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