This sixth grade math worksheet is a great way for kids to practice adding four large numbers together. So begins Marissa's account of the events in Karen Dux's sixth grade classroom on February 26, 2008. Each day, a student from Dux's class composes an article about the school day and takes photos with a digital camera.
Dux discovered a similar Roving Reporter project five years ago during a training session offered by Tony Vincent, and she patterned her own project after his. Dux's students enjoy watching and listening to all of their podcast and vodcast reports, but their teacher believes that the Jefferson Snoops features that deal with homework and writing tips are the most useful. Although the vodcast and podcast work is time consuming, the rewards far outweigh the investment for Dux's class. If you're a teacher who has completed an interesting or unusual activity with your class -- or if you know of a teacher who has -- please let us know about it. Are you tired of having the same old activities at your school's end-of-the-year field day?

Print directly in your browser using the free sixth grade math practice worksheet printable. Sixth graders will really have to use all their brain power to come up with the correct answers. We want to make it easy for students, parents, and math teachers to use our educational materials.
Each of us got a crossword puzzle about aircraft, and we had to write the definition of the words on page 66. As the day's Roving Reporter, Marissa recorded every notable happening from the class, including assignments and the cafeteria's delectable French bread pizza! Published as a blog on the school Web site, the online report and accompanying podcast serve to exercise the students' reading and writing skills by providing an authentic audience of parents and others who are eager to learn the news from Jefferson Elementary in Fairbury, Nebraska. She has enhanced the project over time by adding the oral podcast to improve fluency and reading skills.
They thrive on the positive comments they receive from community members and parents and seem to strive for improvement with each assignment.

This week's lessons provide more ideas than you can possibly use -- and links to many more. In addition, our parent company, S&S Worldwide, is the leader in providing field day resources to schools nationwide. Visit their field day page to access PE Central's exclusive ebook, Top 10 Field Day Activities along with fun products to use today at your events.
Selecting this will take you to another web page where the addition worksheet has been isolated so that you can print the worksheet inside of your browser.

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