As I mentioned earlier, Free Mail Commander is very small in size, but does not lags behind in features. The inability to only download headers, delete or redownload selected messages, or restrict downloads based on message size are IMHO all showstopper restrictions for a portable e-mail client. Further, the purchase prices for some of the paid versions are unrealistic in light of all the other less expensive and free e-mail clients out there. CloudMagic Free Email App for Android is a fantastic application that lets you access upto five of your Email accounts from inside this one app. This fantastic Free Email App for Android lets you to set a passcode lock to ensure security of your accounts. You can install this app on your Android device using the QR code or the play store link that has been provided at the end of this review. All you have to do is tap the icon of the email service you use and log in to your account. You can access the setting of CloudMagic to set a passcode lock on this app to keep emails out of reach of others.
To add more accounts, simply tap the Add More tab in the Settings and add upto 5 email accounts to access all of them from this one app.

CloudMagic Free Email App for Android is really amazing as it not only allows you to view five email accounts at once but also lets you view them and search through them in offline mode, too.
A little quick math demonstrates that if just 10,000 of the millions of AOL customers are paying full price for the service or even the bogus AARP discount  shown here, AOL rakes in an extra $3,000,000 per year. Master Gmail with my self-paced Gmail course!This online course will help you master Gmail and save time with email! Connect with UsSince 1995, providing easy-to-understand and reliable help on the web and the radio.
Too bad they’re a little too late to the party for this application to have any hope of making major inroads.
With this app you can view email conversations in threaded view and also, get push notifications for new emails. The app supports all famous email services, like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud, Office 365, Google Apps and any IMAP account. They were paying $30+ per month for AOL and not using a dial-up connection or their support. The software seems to go simply bananas from time to time, and it erases all your messages to open up an interface with four or five one year old (or longer) messages.

You can also create a CloudMagic account, change the password, or log out of the app easily. In fact, take a look at the image at the bottom of this tip and note that although they were signed up for the AARP discount account of $23.01, they were actually being billed $30.01! If you use AOL, you could have converted to a free or reduced account starting 5+ years ago! Quite good looking interface, lots of features, but it doesn?t show photo attachments and like I said: it goes mad from time to time, erasing all your messages. Rated as one of the best free web-Comprehensive listing of over 1400 free email providers and accounts from over Lycos is offering free mail again! Still, it is feature packed, and comes with most of the features that its biggest couterparts (such as Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail) provide.
It uses very less hard disk space, and RAM, and would work well within the resource constraints that netbooks have.

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