Most of educational web sites are free for general public use, but are available to register for an account by using the .edu email addresses only. The verification email will be sent to your alternate email, so this field must be filled correctly.
Someone said that the free email service is scam (you may search the information by yourself). Tony: While installing manually works, once the PC is re-booted the problem is there again. How to Sign Up for a Gmail AccountAn email address is everyone's need if you're an Internet user.

How to Sign Up for a Facebook AccountThe most popular social networking site on the Internet. We write How-to aritles to Computer, Internet, Web design, Programming, Mobile Apps, and Software for beginers. Type in Desired Username (must be at least 6 characters), Desired Password, Confirm Password, First Name, Last Name, Alternate Email, Gender, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Security Question, Security Answer, Date of Birth and CAPTCHA. After your alternate email is verified, you will receive a welcome email that says you have to wait the administrator’s approval, unless you pay money to the administrator. All articles are originally written by myself, please do not copy them without linking back.

Someone said that the backend of the email service is based on Gmail platform (Gmail for your domain)..

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