Well i have account on both and enjoy the benefits of both the mails as that compensates the limitations of each other!! 4 Nov 2011 Yahoo opened up IMAP so you can setup your Yahoo Mail account on a mobile device.
22 Jul 2014 Mail, the 'Sponsored' email at the Top, and ads at the Left to give you a full-width Premium email experience for free!
10 Apr 2009 To enable the POP3 access for your free yahoo mail account, all you have to change is the preferred content, setting it to Asia.
You can use your Yahoo Mail account also to send emails from a client like You can subscribe and get immediately 6.000 free relays per month, forever. Besides Ymail, they are also opening registrations to RocketMail, one of the very first free Webmail services that Yahoo!
Hurry and you have the chance to grab your perfect email address to help reflect who you are. Update: As of April 2013, if you want to create yamail account, the option is not available on the Yahoo!
On this site you'll find my free software including favourites like yWriter, yBook, FCharts and more. I'm also an author, with five sf comedy novels in print (details, Kindle) and a junior science fiction series for ages 8+ (details, Kindle). When you click the Red lightning bolt, any emails in orange will be deleted from your mail server, without you ever having to download them.

If you right-click an email in the scanner window you can choose to view the 'Bayes Breakdown' - a list of word in the header, sorted by their spamminess quotient. Disclaimer: I can't accept responsibility for lost data - There is no substitute for having backups. If you do not have an account with yahoo, it is necessary to create one before you can use their Disposabel Emali address facility.
Gmail is considered to be more secure than Ymail because it has much smaller session expiry time than Ymail. Gmail is free from picture ads, though there are few advertisements in the form of a single line above the inbox while Ymail has huge picture ads on the sides and even on the page where you login.
One problem with Gmail is that if you create your own folder say ‘facebook’ and you start cutting your facebook mails from your inbox and pasting it into folder ‘facebook’, then the next time a facebook mail arrives you natural instinct will say that it should land in ‘facebook’ folder but you will be shocked that gmail doesn’t understand that minor thing. Mail because of its speed and spam that costs $20 per account when Gmail will let people use POP for free.
At the foot of the list you'll see the '0.99' scores - these are words which have only ever appeared in your spam, making them certain red flags. Here you can create folders for your mail, read messages in the preview window, drag and drop mails between folders and set up inbound mail filters.
Please note, that at the top right of the form there is a list of locations for preferred locations.
Don’t consider the yahoo messenger or gtalk for a while, as they are not a part of the mail system.

It is also easy to save yourself from phishing attacks on Gmail by checking the sender’s actual email address by choosing an option ‘View Original’. If you click the green lightning bolt the program will rescan your mail with the updated filters. Gmail has coupled a new voice and video chat system with it and a unique ‘send SMS via mail’ concept has been evolved by the Google engineers!!
Along with that Gmail has recently made 3 tabs called ‘primary’, ‘social’ and ‘promotions’ which automatically judges the type of mail and sends it appropriately in either of these or else spam.
Mail experience like unlimited storage, integrated instant messaging and localized versions around the world, with easy access to Messenger, Flickr, Groups etc. If any of the five spam emails aren't spam, you just select them (ctrl+click) then right-click and choose 'mark as not junk' from the popup menu. By marking junk and not junk before you even download mail, you're training your filters to recognise spam and good mail in future.

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