August 1, 2014 by Mustafa Gaziani Have you ever tried to get a free professional email address that is relevant to your domain’s name?
Now, No need to waste your further time in searching “How to create a free professional email address with your domain name”.
Now, you don’t have to pay a penny for this service to use your domain name as an email address. Today I’m going to show you step by step process of how to create free professional email address and access your professional email address with Gmail. Professional email addresses are that kind of email addresses that are use by large business entrepreneurs for their companies or sites to increase their customer trust and target more customers as well.
You generally see lots of site owners use their own name with their domain in contact form for any queries. As they know very well that, these tactics will work to retain trust on their customers and help in increasing SEO. There are few easy steps that I’ll show you to set up your own free professional email address with Gmail. In adding a new email account you’ll see an empty box of email containing your site name as well. For Example, Your name – bob, James, John, etc or also you can write info, support, contact etc.
After then, next page will open and you have to write your original name in the text-box and click on next step. Now, a new page will open and there will be 3 different types of Read mail, click any one of them. Back in the day, AOL had a cool service that let you create a custom domain email address for free and you could use any domain name you wanted, even if it was already registered.
You can still create a personalized email address, but it’s not possible without paying.
You can scroll down and click the See other options link to see other available options for that domain name. If none of those suit your fancy, click on the New tab and it’ll show you the options available with all the new top-level domains.
Once you find a domain you are happy it, purchase it and then read on to the next section, which will show you how to setup your email using NameCheap also.

When you are purchasing your domain, you’ll see the option to add email hosting on NameCheap and what I really love is that it’s free for 2 months! Go ahead and click the add to cart button for the free private email and it will bring you to another page where you can choose the email addresses you would like.
Now just follow through the checkout process, during which you’ll have to create an account. Type in the local part of the email address you would like, then give your mailbox a password and then click the Create Mailboxes button.
However, if you want immediate access, the link should be in the Private Email email that you get from NameCheap. Now you have to login using the email address you just created and the password you just set for that mailbox. About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. You also have an opportunity to auto-generate strong password to protect your email from hackers, if you have Blue Host hosting.
You will have to write the same email (Professional Email address) that you wrote during configuration of your email account in hosting c-panel.
Now, again write your same professional email address in ‘username’ box and setup the same password that you generated or set in your hosting c-panel account setting. After then, say yes to be able to send mail at your professional mail account and click on next step.
We have created a professional email address having your own Domain name within 10 minutes.
The reason for that is because you need to first purchase a domain name in order to setup the email for that domain. It lets you search for a keyword and then will give you all the options you could possibly imagine for that keyword. Also, some of them have a little lightning icon next to the name and if you hover over it, it will tell you the restriction for that domain name.
You’ll notice immediately that these are also a lot more expensive than the traditional ones. Actually, read the section below before buying the domain from NameCheap because you can add 2 free months of email hosting when checking out.

For most people, you might only need the email address for a couple of weeks while sending invitations, etc.
Once you’re done, click on the Manage Account button or go back to the homepage and click Sign In.
If you bought more than one domain, you have to select the domain you want to manage email for. I thought that it would do that on its own since I had typed in the custom domain name I wanted, but apparently you have to do it manually.
It’s a bit of a process and it will take you about an hour to do all of this, but if you really want a personalized email address, this is really the only way to go about it. I wanted my surname as the domain, which turned out to be still available (Yay!!!), so I was happy to pay the yearly fee. I have keen interest in writing blogs so that I've made this website "Blogging Techniques" to help beginners, Read more about me also you can connect me on Facebook , twitter , google+ or linkedin .
So in order to get a personalized domain email address, you first have to register a domain.
However, you can just uncheck that and check the custom blank box at the bottom and that will become your free one. The great thing about NameCheap is that it also supports IMAP, so you can use Outlook or whatever email client you want to manage your email. Of course, you can register your domain anywhere and there are hundreds of email hosting companies, but I just recommend NameCheap because I think it gives you the best value for the price and it’s very easy to use. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.
They also have the option to forward all the email from that account to another one if you like.

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