Selecting one of these links will direct you to the Office of the Controller's list of forms.
The Ohio State University uses a paperless system for all paychecks and pay stub information. You will be prompted to immediately change your PIN to a secure number that only you will know.
Once you have confirmed your new PIN, you can access the main menu where you will be able to receive your pay information.
The Total Earnings in box 3 may not match the Total Gross in Box 11 due to taxable fringe benefits. Before-Tax Deductions are the deductions taken from your earnings before tax is applied to your income.
System (STRS), pre-tax retirement service credit purchases, Flexible Spending Account contributions, and other deductions.
The Taxes section is a breakout of the taxes withheld for the Current Pay Period and Year-to-Date. After-Tax Deductions are the deductions taken from your earnings after taxes have been taken out. The Employer-Paid Benefits section shows you how much the university pays for your benefits. This section displays your Current and Year-to-Date vacation, sick time, and military leave balances.
Federal Taxable Gross Pay, Total Taxes withheld, Total Deductions withheld, and Total Net Pay. All activity and pay data within personal accounts is protected by multiple levels of security.
Microsoft Office 365 University is a four year subscription (no additional subscriber fee) and provides access to both Office 365 online services as well as a download of Office 2016 for Windows or Office 2016 for Mac. Please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria (university student with a valid university email or ISIC card number) before purchasing this software. Office 365 University has the latest version of the applications you know and love, plus cloud services so you can have Office when and where you need it.
Best value for higher education students and faculty who want Office on up to 2 PCs and Windows 8 tablets, Macs. Office 365 University is a four-year subscription for full- and part-time enrolled university and college students, faculty, and staff in accredited institutions. You need to go online to verify your eligibility in order to activate Office 365 University. Office 365 customers with active subscriptions always get the newest versions of the Office applications when they are available. If you buy an Office 365 subscription, whether it’s Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 University, you can install Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your Mac. Yes, a person with a previous version of Microsoft Office can easily open documents created with the latest release of Office by using compatibility and service packs. Simply type what you need to track and Access uses table templates to deliver an app that does the job A standardised app framework makes navigating apps familiar and easy Entering data accurately is a breeze with drop-down menus and recommendations that appear when you begin typing. The 2016 versions of familiar Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint include new features that help you create, communicate and work even more efficiently from virtually anywhere. In addition to updating the traditional Office suites, we’ve developed brand new subscription versions of Office, specifically designed for the way you use Office today.
Subscribers will also receive version upgrades as well as use rights across multiple PCs or Macs and select mobile devices.
Note: The Office applications you can use across PCs, Macs and other devices vary by platform.
Office suites have traditionally included applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
We use the name ”Office 365” for products that include cloud services, such as additional OneDrive online storage, Skype minutes for home use, Lync web conferencing or Exchange Online hosted email for businesses. Most Office 365 plans also include the full-featured Office 2016 applications, which users can install across multiple computers and devices. If you have an active Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 University subscription, and available installs, you can install Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on your Mac.
Current Office application versions for Office 365 are Office 2016 for Windows and Office 2016 for Mac. There are three ways you can verify your eligibility to use Microsoft Office 365 University; through university or through an ISIC card. Many people are willing to make a donation to charitable organizations – you just need to connect with them.
Use the charity organization's official letterhead and make sure it includes the organization's logo, name, address, phone number and website. Make your argument using success stories and facts; these will help people feel the importance of your cause.
Identify the specific action you wish the recipient to take to help achieve the organization's goal – whether it is donating money, items or time and how much.
You may wish to mention that their donations may be tax deductible if your organization qualifies under IRS guidelines. Be thankful – thank them for their time and their consideration or go ahead and thank them for their donation. Make sure the letters are signed by a real person and include their name and title below the signature. A post script (PS) is appropriate in this form of letter and can convey additional information such as deadlines, goals or a final reference to the story or facts used at the beginning of your message to tie it together.
In 2009 Number One Nonprofit helped over 350 underprivileged boys participated in Boy Scout activities in our community.
Our goal for 2010 is to help 420 boys participate in scouting activities including a full week at summer camp. All donations to Number One Non-Profit go directly to the boys we have been helping since 1985. The Super Duper Academy is a local school that seeks to help children with disabilities and learning challenges. We have a dream this year to add a music class in the hopes that each of our students who desires will have the opportunity to develop a talent in music. We are asking you to please look around your house and donate any instruments that you may no longer need, even if the instrument may need minor repairs. Instruments can be dropped off at our front desk or simply call (123)456-7890 and we will be happy to drop by and pick up the instrument. It is through generous donations like yours that the Super Duper Academy has been able to provide life changing classes and experience to thousands of special needs students over the last five years. On June 16th, 2009 I will join thousands of others on a 20-mile walk as part of the MyCharity Walk-a-thon, an event that raises money for MyCharity and the fight against breast cancer. Please read the enclosed brochure that further describes MyCharity, its goals and details about our event on June 16th.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about breast cancer and my efforts to end it, something I wish for so that others do not have to go through the experience of losing their loved one early. Disclaimer: The content on this page is intended for educational use and not to be construed as legal or professional advice. Below is a recommendation letter for job template that can help a writer to compose recommendation letter for job eliminating errors and mistakes.
Writing a recommendation letter for job will not be easy for you if you are doing this first time but it is not an impossible job to do because of recommendation letter for job templates.
This teacher recommendation letter template is a complete writing guide for you when it comes to write a teacher recommendation letter.
On another hand, teacher recommendation letters are also written by teachers to recommend a brilliant student for scholarship or for an academic award. A well written teacher resume cover letter with complete necessary details is a brilliant tool that can be instrumental in helping your resume jump to the top in presence of many others. Sample car sale letter is added here for you and you can edit it easily after successful downloading to your computer. Imagine yourself as the reader of your own car sales letter and include what the customer exactly wants to know in your letter instead of what you want to say. Apology letter for not joining company should be addressed to the concerned department or employer along with the reason behind not joining company. Interview request letters can have very positive results if written correctly without errors and mistakes.

We have a well prepared sample character letter of recommendation for you on this page which is free to download. Whether a character letter of recommendation is for a job, an academic program or for rental purpose, it should be prepare carefully with constructive details and information.
Sample recommendation letter for citizenship is added for you at the foot of this page that you can download and customize for free. Remember to introduce yourself and your relationship with the candidate of citizenship when writing a recommendation letter for citizenship.
Writing an apology letter to neighbor is a great way to start making atonement for a mistake or help your neighbor feel better even if the mistake was unplanned on your part. Utilization of sample letter of intent for franchise is a best way to produce a faultless letter of intent for franchise. Letter of intent for franchise signifies a serious legal commitment from one involved party to another in order to execute a legal business activity in shape of franchise business. When you install Microsoft Office 365 University on a Mac computer, only Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be installed.
A university email address or ISIC card is required to verify and activate this software, non-university students cannot activate this software.
Just sign in and you can get to your Office files, applications, and settings from virtually anywhere. You are also subject to the Office 365 University end user license agreement and will be required to accept the agreement before activating the product. When we release a new version of Office, you will be notified that you have the option to update your software to the latest version. The applications available for Mac users and the version numbers may be different from those available for PC users. If you have Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 University, you can choose the language to install Office. It allows you to access your documents and settings and lets you use full-featured Office applications on PCs that don’t have the latest version of Office installed on them, for example a PC in the library, at a business center, or one that you borrowed from a friend. Like Office Web Apps, Office on Demand allows users to access Office and their documents from anywhere.
Each new subscription offer will include the 2013 versions of the Office applications, for example Word, Excel and PowerPoint, plus cloud services such as Skype world minutes and online storage with OneDrive®. All Office 2016 suites include the latest versions of the applications, for use on a single PC.
All Office 365 products, such as Office 365 Home Premium, and Office 365 University, are paid for on a subscription basis, annually. Customers with an active subscription will be entitled to the newest versions when available. However, all features and functionality are always available by using a keyboard, mouse, or other standard or accessible input device. Writing a Request for Donation Letter is a great way to aid in fundraising, especially when properly written. The information in [brackets] should be replaced with your specific information or details. The organization may have many purposes and projects, but make sure your letter is focused on a particular need. They had a chance to learn to swim, learn basic survival and first-aid skills and learn how to work with other boys. If you would still like to give, but do not have an instrument, consider giving a cash donation that can be used for other music supplies or check your local pawn shop for a suitable instrument. The goal of this event is to increase awareness of breast cancer, to highlight stories of survivors and to raise money to help fund research into curing this deadly disease. When it comes to write a recommendation letter for job for a job applicant, its mean you have to indicate the person’s abilities and expertise to carry out the mentioned job with a statement of recommendation.
These are readymade documents prepared by professional persons to help people when writing their own.
As we all fairly know that teachers are professionals work in various academic institutes such as school, colleges and academies to help students in learning their lessons as well as to chase their academic goals. Such letters are intended to convey the teacher’s classroom experience with the student to give the scholarship board and other authorities an idea of how the student is likely to perform academically during the school hours as well as outside the school. It is known fact that resume is a most important part of job searching procedure and a must thing for job seekers to apply for a vacant position in a company or business. There is variety of different techniques is available to stay connected with your valuable customers to keep them updated about your new products and services. Think that it is an opportunity to attract your customers and you should not lose this chance by writing a meaningless car sales letter. Receiving a job offer is always good news for job seeker but could be dissatisfied when you have a better opportunity to join another company for getting more benefits and salary. Always remember to write an apology letter for not joining company with valid facts and reasons to make sure your denial will not bring a black mark in your career. Requesting for something needed is a part of our everyday routine and we have to ask for anything we need in different phases of life. You should keep in your mind exactly what it is you wish to want through this letter and construct your letter for that reason.
A character letter of recommendation is a letter written by someone for a job seeking individual or for any other person that reveals the personal positive characteristics of subject person. It can help a candidate or applicant a lot in many different ways and anyone can be called to write one for an individual. A letter in which writer evaluates the characteristics qualities and capabilities of the person being recommended is identified as recommendation letter. Composing of a recommendation letter for another person is a big responsibility and should be handled carefully to support the person with your valuable words. A lot of problems that occur within a neighborhood can be handled with a simple face to face sorry but sometimes saying a sorry could e hard enough for you. Explain in start of your letter that it is apology for your mistake of fault and then describe your fault in details and reason behind the situation if any.
A legal document used to describe a corporation’s intention to execute a corporate activity or action in detail is known as letter of intent. A well written letter of intent for franchise will focus on franchising a business stick to the business model which you want followed and will direct a franchise to perform his duty with best by following particular terms and conditions.
The full-featured applications are accessible via a web browser, instead of being permanently installed on the PC Streaming speed depends on Internet connectivity speed. The difference is that Office on Demand can quickly stream the full-featured Office applications on any Internet-connected PC running Windows 7 or higher. Whether you're writing a donation request letter for a charity, a church, or other sponsorship, our sample donation letter template can help you get started. We can't guarantee the results you will get for sending fundraising letters like this, but this template and the sample donation letters below should at least provide some ideas. More importantly, they were given the chance to develop confidence, to feel wanted and to develop dreams for their future, dreams that have included becoming engineers, accountants, doctors and politicians. Recommendation letters for job are usually written by seniors, coworkers, previous employers, friends and other family members to suggest a particular person for a vacant job or position in the company. As a person who is writing a recommendation letter for job, make sure you not only have a clear copy of the candidate’s qualifications and personal details but also obtain a list of points that he or she would like to include the recommendation letter for job you are writing.
Whether you are going to recommend a teacher for vacant position or a student for scholarship, below we have a readymade teacher recommendation letter template for you to get enough assistance in this regard. Teacher resume portrays constructive information about an applicant like qualification, skills and expertise to secure a particular teaching job but without a teacher resume cover letter an applicant likely to provide further personal information to employer or interviewer. An elegantly prepared teacher resume cover letter should not just repeat of a resume in a shorter form but should tell the employer what it is about the job that is attractive to you and why you are the best candidate for position.
Writing of sales letters is also considered as a significant part of sales campaign that companies use to boost up the volume of sales.
Grab the attention of readers by offering attractive offers and don’t forget to mention the quality services you will provide to the customers on purchasing cars from you.
In this situation an applicant have to write an apology letter for not joining company in response of a job offer because it is a professional manner to say no for a job in a best way.
This letter is a complex part of writing and one may face problem to compose it effectively that is why professionals always recommend use of sample apology letter for not joining company to draft your letter attentively with all details and information. Therefore people write different types of request letter to ask the recipient to do something for you either for personal or professional purpose and interview request letter is one of them. Think of the audience or recipient of your letter before writing clear the objective of your letter in start.

It is an important document to provide useful information about who you are and your relationship with the person you are recommending for a job or for any other purpose. Being asked to write a character letter of recommendation could be tricky task and you should know some basic rules and instructions to write it effectively.
Body is heart of your letter and start writing body of letter by providing specific examples of the applicant’s good character and other characteristics that may help him to obtain citizenship easily.
An apology letter to neighbor can be a best way to apology your neighbor after a big blow up.  If your neighbor is facing any problem or trouble cause of you, go ahead to write an apology letter to neighbor in order to get rid of the situation to enjoy a long lasting relationship with your neighbor.
Make sure in your apology letter to neighbor that the situation will not happen again in future. It can also be described as an agreement between a seller and buyer to finalize a deal or sale transaction along with all terms and conditions of the agreement.
You can avail services of a professional if you want to prepare an error free letter of intent for franchise but another way to write it with best is use of a sample letter of intent for franchise. Office Web Apps are available across a variety of operating systems, devices and browsers, providing access to Office tools and your documents when working from PCs with earlier versions of Windows, as well as from other platforms.
Be sure to continue reading after the download box to find sample donation request letters, additional tips to improve your own donation letter and links to additional resources. When asked to write a recommendation letter for job, you must include only good things about the applicant because it can help him or her a lot in getting favorite position or job.
If your mind is totally blank about how to compose a recommendation letter for job, use of an appropriate recommendation letter for job template is suggested for you.
Just like other jobs and positions, teachers are also required to come with a teacher recommendation letter for attending an interview. Whole teacher recommendation letter template is created in Microsoft word which means a user can simply customize its contents easily using Microsoft word program. A well written teacher resume cover letter is something that allows a potential employer to be introduced to you and your resume. You can make a teacher resume cover letter stronger by adding unique skills and qualities that you will utilize for growth of the company or business.
In the same sense writing a car sales letter can work very well for you if you are an individual car seller or working in automobile company who deals with sales of cars and other vehicles. Spend adequate amount of your minutes to make sure that words in your letter are powerful and enough to convince your customer as well as to make your letter mistake free. Apology letter for not joining a company are written by job seekers or selected candidates to express unpleasant news of job refusal in a tactful way. You are more than welcome to download a free sample apology letter for not joining company here which is available at the bottom of this page. Interview request letters are letters addressed to individuals or employers you would like to meet with to explore a career option or want to secure a vacant position in company or business. It is a letter from your or any other person who knows the candidate or an applicant in a personal capacity rather than a previous owner or employer. As an unfamiliar person a sample character letter of recommendation can aid you a lot to compose an elegant character letter of recommendation in short span of time.
It is quite different from other recommendation letters and may take your more attention to complete in a best manner. If it is not easy for you to apology face to face then put your apology in words and deliver it to your neighbor in shape of apology letter to neighbor. It is an excellent way to show that you really value your relations and don’t want to lose them at any cost.
Similarly a letter of intent for franchise is a letter written by a franchisor to a franchise who wants to run and manage business with the help and support of parent company or manufacturer. It provides you complete outline with necessary instructions to complete a letter of intent for franchise within minutes. Each eligible user can redeem Office 365 University product once in a three year period and can only activate a maximum of two.
Documents you save to OneDrive will also no longer be available to other users, unless you saved them locally on the computer. If it is your first time when writing a recommendation letter for job, utilization of a recommendation letter for job template can be god starting point for you. Through this way, you can write a spick and span recommendation letter for job fluently in short time.
A well-written teacher recommendation letter for an applicant who is going to hunt a job of teacher can highlight impressive characteristics beyond his or her own self-advocacy during the recruiting process. Now you should not feel stressed into writing an excessive number of teacher recommendation letters because this template is always here to help you in this matter. It is a very first document that an employer will see and it will force potential employer to read your resume for further details if written properly. If you need any help to prepare a dynamic teacher resume cover letter, utilization of a teacher resume cover letter sample is ideal suggestion for you. With the help of a well written car sales letter you can reach your customers easily to provide them useful details regarding sales of car(s). Use of a sample car sales letter is another ideal option to make your letter fruitful to get desired outcomes.
Most of business companies take on candidates for vacant positions of the company or business after inspecting their qualifications, skills, experience and other proficiencies and not joining of a selected applicant could be problem that is why an apology letter for not joining company should be sent quickly by the applicant after receiving the job offer. These letters are typically written when you want to request a job interview but these are also prepared to take part in an interview just to collect information or details about an individual, company or business.
You should use simple and straightforward language to compose your letter for positive outcomes. Sample character letter of recommendation is a ready to use document equipped with necessary instructions and spaces to complete a character letter of recommendation with no troubles.
If you are asked to write a recommendation letter for citizenship, you should use your clever writing skills to recommend the applicant for citizenship. When writing this letter you don’t have to get too formal with it but you do need to say the right thing in order to make it effective. Never ending sample apology letter to neighbor are available on internet that you can use to write a meaningful apology letter to neighbor.
It is a professional way to provide specific details of how you want a franchise to run your business efficiently. You can use Office on Demand on a PC that is connected to the Internet and running Windows 7 or later. A teacher resume cover letter sample enables you to build a powerful teacher resume cover letter fluently. Apart from the nature of your needs, you can download and edit interview request letter sample for free here. Keep your letter error free and reflect your intelligence with the help of rich vocabulary, perfect English grammar and spelling strength. It may be a requirement of employer to secure a particular position in company or required by a landlord to provide his property for rent or lease. In many countries and states good moral character is one of the most requirements to apply for immigration and a well written recommendation letter for citizenship plays a vital role to do so. You can use a sample recommendation letter for citizenship to compose your letter without facing troubles. In case of any problem or when help needed, you can get help from a sample apology letter to neighbor. A letter of intent for franchise is not a contract and cannot be legally enforced in future. If you are new, writing an interview request letter could be a difficult job for you but variety of ways available to make it easy for you and interview request letter sample is outstanding tool to get help in this regard. You can use a sample character letter of recommendation to draft a character letter of recommendation for any personal or professional reason.
Recommendation letter for citizenship is written by someone by focusing on the characteristics and actions of the person being recommended for citizenship of a particular territory or state. A polished sample recommendation letter for citizenship is accessible here for you without paying any cost. You should use a sample letter of intent for franchise if you are going to write a letter of intent for franchise. Sample recommendation letter for citizenship is a handy tool to format your letter in a best way.

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