Online advertisers facing scrutiny from governments wanting to give Internet users more control over personal data online were urged at an industry conference on Wednesday to avoid privacy blunders that could undermine calls for self-regulation.
The White House and Federal Trade Commission have unveiled privacy frameworks that rely heavily on voluntary commitments by the advertisers to address lack of controls over the collection and trading of vast amounts of detailed information about the online activities and real-life identities of consumers.
Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Apple Inc and other technology companies have lobbied against congressional and federal agency proposals that crack down on data collection. Companies also have a close eye on European Union proposals that would give Internet users the right to bar any collection of personal data. FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz earlier in the week commended the progress the industry has made on this front, but said it was clear more was needed.
Last year’s findings from the FTC that Facebook and Google engaged in deceptive privacy practices, and embarrassing revelations that Internet companies secretly tracked the locations of users, sold data to advertisers without the knowledge of consumers and other blunders have not helped the argument for self-regulation. Data collection on the Internet allows advertisers to target users in a demographic who are more likely to buy their product.
Jaffe said privacy and the future of advertising self-regulation were among the top issues the trade group would be focused on this year. Reed Smith’s Mushahwar said this is as much a legal clash as it is a shake out of an economic model. This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Because my daughter is on a strict competition diet a fair percentage of the year for bodybuilding, I’m used to considering her dietary needs whenever I plan a dinner party. I never want any of my guests to feel that way, so I always ask them if they have any allergies or food concerns, and I try to plan a menu that everyone can enjoy. Here are some simple dinner party tips that will ensure your diet-conscious guests have a great meal and a great time.
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In the course of our research we found that the on-device email storage doesn’t really make any effort to ensure confidentiality of messages and attachments within the phone filesystem itself.

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