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You manager spots you – If you’re not first in command there’s always a danger that your manager will catch you in the act and wonder what they’re paying you for.

Your colleague is a practical joker­ – If you accidentally leave your dating account logged in and head out of the office, you may find that a hilarious colleague has re-written your profile or sent some bizarre messages. Your internet usage is monitored – If you work in a large organisation, you may find that your internet history is monitored and you may be called in to speak to someone if you are indulging in too much extra-curricular activity. Too many cooks – When it comes to your love life, it’s a great idea to get a friend to read over your profile to give you advice and check for any typos, however you probably don’t want all of your colleagues knowing that you’re on an online dating site as there is such a thing as too much advice. Thousands of people do so every day, but for one American data clerk it led to a ban on him using the internet in the office. After all it can be very tricky trying to explain why you need to be searching for single men or women as part of your job. If you are going to go on to a dating site at work (in your breaks of course), remember to log yourself out.

There are also other reasons why you might not want to access a dating site during work time. At Muddy Matches, we hand vet all profile changes, so if we spot anything that was obviously posted by someone else we will reject the changes and send you an automated message to let you know.

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