AdminCraft Emailer is a free email spoofing software which you can use in order to send emails as someone else. Interface of AdminCraft Emailer is very simple, and the application itself is portable, there’s no installation. AdminCraft Emailer does everything as advertised, and best of all, it’s completely free. With this free email spoofing software you can not only write the Send To email address but also enter the From email address, which will be shown to the recipient.

The input fields that you see in the image above is pretty much everything that you’re gonna see from this free email spoofing utility. Keep in mind that it can also cause you problems with the law, if you try to do something illegal with it. In the To field, you have to write the email of the person to whom you want to send an email. That’s a great thing, because normally spoofing emails get flagged as spam, and they do not end up in the Inbox folder.

Setup is very simple, it’s just like creating an email in Gmail, the only difference being that you can send the email as someone else. It’s basically like any other send email interface, the only difference is the From field which we have talked about before.

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