Whenever someone puts their finger on the screen to be scanned, it sounds some beeps & vibrations. The prank app uses your Android phone’s EMF entity detector to point out where ghosts or demons may be. So, here comes a prank application that can be used to get rid of that talkative friend of yours.
That’s not all, make your friends jealous, by generating a fake call from any celebrity you like, be it Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus or Hilary Duff!
Having an app to assist you in getting out of an awkward situation can be a godsend at times. You can either choose to receive the call from a real contact in your address book, or should you not want to risk that, you can completely fabricate a contact. Once you have activated the fake call a completely real ringing screen will appear on your iPhone display with the designated ringtone.
There are a few improvements that could be made to increase the believability of the apps such as a fake received call in the call log and a timer feature but still, this app can really assist in getting out of an awkward situation.
This iPhone fake call app lets you select the caller number even from your existing contacts on your iPhone.
Fake A Call is the best way to skip out of the situation when you are stuck somewhere in a boring meeting or somewhere else. Show off this app to your friends and make them sweat when they see your Android device charging its battery via solar energy when kept under the sun. If you ever get caught in a tight situation, just use this app and your phone rings a fake call.
Your phone will ring at the set time and the app will show a fake call from your set caller name & number.
As soon as your buddy touches the screen, your phone will give a short vibration & sound and the screen will crack!

You can set the app to show a cracked screen after a certain time or whenever someone taps the screen. Give these amazing prank apps a try on your android and let us know your experiences via the comments below. First-things-first there are no clicking sounds made by the app to betray the fact that you are trying to launch the fake call.
The fake contacts are stored in their own separate address book to allow you to locate them quickly.
After you have made your excuses to leave the situation you want to get out of and answered the fake incoming call a real timer is displayed, keeping the realism going to the end. The app is free to download for a limited period due to the developer launching a call block app. It provides you with a believable excuse to get out of awkward situations, backed up with realistic and accurate effects.
You can easily tell others that you have an incoming call from your father and you have to leave now. This makes the fake call looks real, as if somebody is really calling you or you have dialed the contact from your iPhone. You can adjust the volume, background image, select the answer mode buttons, wait mode style, and carrier name.
To make a fake call, tap on “fake dialer” option, dial a new number or select any contact from your contact list to make fake call on that number or contact. The phone is unlocked only when the finger of the mobile owner is scanned & matched to its database.
If a user keeps their finger on the scanner for more or less number of beeps, then they are denied access. This app just uses the light sensor to detect bright light and shows charging animation, along with a glowing bulb.

For unpredictable situations, add app widget to you home screen & long press to generate a fake call. While it is probably not worth paying a premium for due to the features of other free competitor apps available, for a free price tag it should be added to your collection.
Fake-A-Call enables a smart dialer to dial a number and make fake calls to show someone, that you are really dialing the number but it is not available. This way you can get out of a situation if you are stuck somewhere and you are not getting any excuse to jump outside the situation.
To make your iPhone receive a fake call, tap on the plus (+) button at the lower right of the app.
Put your hand over the light sensor to block light and your mobile stops charging & the bulb goes out too. It is a shame that there is not a timing feature to allow you to set the call to begin at a certain time, but this is certainly not a game-changer.
The call interface provides mute button, enables keypad on call, loud-speaker button, contacts button, and more. Now select the contact from the contact list, set the caller picture, set the caller name, call type, and you are all set. You can even schedule a fake call which will let your iPhone ring incoming call from the contact selected on the scheduled time set. You can easily secure your app by a passcode so that only you have the access to make fake calls on your iPhone.

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