Also, for the first time ever, players can compete with friends anytime, anywhere using Online Multiplayer. Page Not FoundThe page you are looking for experienced a problem or is temporarily unavailable.
Latest FIFA Tip (14th May 2016)If you're desperate to get your hands on untradeable TOTS Leroy Sane, but can't seem to win the latest Bundesliga TOTS Cup Tournament (in order to win him), we suggest waiting a day or two.
Sporo zmian przypadA‚o w udziale silnikowi fizycznemu o nazwie Player Impact Engine, zaimplementowanemu po raz pierwszy w FIFA 12. Take control and build a team of the greatest global superstars with the all-new Ultimate Team feature.

Rise to the top of the Leaderboards and use superstars like Messi and Benzema to crush your competitors around the world.
From the English Premiership and La Liga, to the German Bundesliga and beyond – take the superstars of football on the pitch in Quick Match, Manager or the brand new Online Multiplayer and Tournament game modes as you dominate your league and march toward glory in 32 authentic stadiums. The reason we recommend waiting is because after a couple of days, the best FIFA players have usually already won this item and the rest of the players who struggled to get to the final and win it are left. Get ready to hit the pitch with some awesome new features and stunning graphics enhanced for the iPhone® 5. These packs are the same as regular packs, but include one extra item at the same cost!Both packs will be available until Tuesday 6th November 2012, so make the most of them while they last!

This obviously makes your competition easier to a degree and will ultimately increase your chances of winning!
You can find these packs by entering the store via Ultimate Team on your console or via the Web App, simply click on the Gold Packs section and find them both on the right hand side.

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