Here is a list of 3 free banner maker for Windows that let you create professional like banners.
Below I’ve reviewed Flash Banner Maker, Easy Banner Creator, and Flash Slide Show Maker Free.
Flash Banner Maker is a free banner maker software for Windows that lets you create professional-like animated banners and other flash intros with ease. Easy Banner Creator is another free banner maker for Windows that lets you create animated banner in GIF format, which can be used on various websites, blogs or forums.
Flash Slide Show Maker Free is a free banner maker cum Flash slide show maker For Windows that lets you create stunning Flash slideshow using your images. A second series, My Little Pony Tales, revolved around the same characters as the first series and had a single, 26-episode season in 1992. In 2010, Hasbro, under the leadership of Lauren Faust, created a new television series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Since Friendship is Magic is the most well-known series--as well as, arguably, the best of the My Little Pony series--this Source is dedicated to it, but with plenty of room for the first three generations as well! Latest forum posts : Applejack's Parents Angel Dreamer - 101 days Season 6 spoiler Elliotdragon - 104 days Favorite pony? MightyBalto1925 and I (Karlamon) have worked hard to get the English side of Bolt Source up and running, with me and her providing the content, and Mighty creating the design.
March 05, 2016Robin Hood Source rising!Hullo there!  Been down about all the inactivity on Animation Source lately? The advertisement on site is only there to pay for the site maintenance cost, including server hosting and domain name.
Any copyrighted material included on this site is reproduced without permission, but only serves entertainment purposes, and is used with utmost respect for the original creators.
These free banner makers provide you multiple banner sizes, preset templates, font faces, unique image backgrounds, dynamic effects for text,  solid-color background, and more, to help you create stunning banners. These banner making tools offer you various customization options which you can use to edit text of flash intros, adjust the loop time, effect duration, and more. You can download and install these on your Windows PC and start creating nice looking banners.
This free banner making tool offers you various tools which can be used to create attractive banners.

This tool acts as banner maker as it lets you create Flash banner, website advertisement, flash intro, which you can publish on your websites, forums or blogs.
Following the initial success of the toys, the toy maker, Hasbro, made an animation department specifically devoted to creating My Little Pony animated specials. After that, the toy line took over the whole franchise and the animated series went into permanent hiatus.
Using Flash animation instead of cells, the series completely redesigned the ponies and aimed the show toward a more family-oriented audience, rather than kid-specific.
We are very pleased to announce the launch of our latest English Source site, and our first of 2016, Bolt Source!
One based on an animated feature that would boldly grow overtime to be an acclaimed cult classic. ResultsNo playlist  Keyframe, the most popular review site for animated films and seriesListen to Radio Source!
Checkout these tools and create animated flash banners, website advertisement, flash intro, and more. It comprises of various unique image backgrounds, more than 60 dynamic effects for text entrance and exit, solid-color background, more than 200 text styles, and many more options, that will help you to create stunning banners. This free banner maker provides you various options like size, background, text and animation, which you can customize accordingly to create desired animated banner. It lets you add multiple images and at the same time lets you delete those image which you don’t require.
No television episodes were produced, though several DTV films and even two made-for-TV movies were released for Generation 3 (commonly just abbreviated G3).
This turned into an extremely popular series, and after the first season was complete, The Hub--the television channel that aired the show--signed two more seasons of Friendship is Magic into the contract, with plenty of room for future seasons. This site is dedicated to the Academy Award-nominated 48th animation feature created by Walt Disney Animation Studios which was released in 2008.
It offers you various customization options which you can use to edit text of flash intros, adjust the loop time, effect duration, and more.
It provides you various banner sizes and at the same time lets you customize the size of the banner.

The film, while not a success, still was enough to serve as the jump-start for a My Little Pony TV show, the first series of which lasted from 1986 to 1987.
Not only that, it lets you add hyperlinks, which helps in bringing readers to the respective websites.
It lets you import images from your computer in various image formats like JPG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, ICO, WMF, PSD, EMF, PNG, and PCX. This banner maker provides you various flash options using which you can set the album title, dimension of the banner, frame rate, and much more. This free banner making software lets you insert banner directly to your website or blog in HTML or SWF, and also lets you embed to other blogs and websites. It offers you various background styles and allows you to set the color of the background along with the direction. It also provides you decoration options so as to select the frame style and the decorative pattern which you wish to apply on the Flash content. It lets you save banner on your system and at the same time lets you share the creative flash banner via email. It provides you input text field where you can type the desired text, and at the same time lets you adjust the font, color, shadow color (reflection effect), and the depth of the text.
The best part of this freeware banner maker is that it lets you add background music of mp3 file format. It offers you various fonts, font styles, scripts, and at the same time lets you customize the size of the font, that suits you the best.
Once you are ready to publish your flash banner, it lets you choose the output destination of the flash file which is created in SWF and HTML format. It lets you set the direction of the text animation, and also allows you to customize the frames and the delay. It lets you save your creative banner to any desired location on your computer in GIF format.

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