Sparta: War of Empires (SWE) is a browser-based MMO strategy set in 5th century BC, Greece. Sparta: War of Empires starts with players establishing a polis of their own and setting off to populate their town, recruiting soldiers and neutralizing the imminent Persian threat. StormFall has the player start in an empty, barren field and fill up the city with buildings. Players choose from four classes that differ in their special ability—depending on their class, players can always heal, deal damage or buff others. This colorful game sports fairly complex mechanics, giving players the ability to expand, hire new workers to create new products and even create or move to privately-owned cities. This browser based strategy game offers an extensive trade system allowing travel to trade across the game world. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is an action-driven MMORPG with some tower defense elements. Discover new lands, start your own town, and have duels and shoot outs with other players in this exciting Old West strategy game. Tiny Mighty Heroes Unite is a team-based superhero browser game heavily "inspired" by Marvel Comics. Create you own Viking chieftan, sail quests to foreign lands, challenge other players to battle and then go spend your loot on more Viking gear!
TW2 plays much like your typical MMO, but that’s because the company behind it all but started the genre. TW2 is certainly an easier sell than the predecessor, mostly for its refreshing new looks and the convenient UI.
Choose between the Axis and Allied forces in this real time strategy and city building game taking place during the Second World War.
Players start off small and build up their island base, produce troops, recruit historical generals and look for stronger battle formations in order to better their military success. Warfare has a rather long tutorial—one can get a taste of what the game has to offer only an hour or so into the game. Wartune is a turn-based MMORPG with a fantasy setting and some RTS elements like city management. Relive the legendary naval battles of World War II in Wargaming's action-packed World of Warships. As with Wargaming's earlier historical combat MMO World of Tanks, World of Warships features tier-ranked vehicle and technology systems. Overall, World of Warships is a solid, graphically-pleasing, historical naval combat MMO with the same, tried-and-tested depth and polish as you would expect of the Wargaming devs.
This time Ancient Persia proposes its mysteries for you, be ready for thrilling and absorbing adventure. Various levels, a lot of bonuses, excellent graphics and melodious music catch you into this game for a long.
The purpose of this new flash arcade seems easy - to clear the board from the colorful balls. It features a classic gameplay enhanced by a great production—visuals, voicing, and music are top-notch here.
This doesn’t take away from the fact that it is definitely a well-polished title, but it would be great to see something new for a change.
Players enter the war-stricken world of Darkshine and perpetuate the chaos by waging war against other players. It’s set on a fantasy world that houses a number of creatures from different times and game universes. The combat takes place in one to three lanes and combines disparate card types and ability cards, making up a deck of 30. Do note that the stamina system keeps you from playing as much as you could, and on the off chance you get addicted the game can swallow up a lot of money. Players become the owners of a small shop and sell RPG wares like scrolls, potions and weapons, striving to find new recipes, hire new underlings and obtain rare stuff by sending customers on quests. The graphics are rather generic and the soundtrack boring, but the mere idea of becoming a stall owner (the game is basically you becoming an NPC) in your favorite RPG certainly holds some allure.
You start with a city inhabited by a few people with barbarians roaming around the borders. By "inspired", I mean familiar looking but ridiculously named superheroes with comical powers and unusually pudgy designs.
Heroes can be improved through a multitude of ways – equipment, direct stat boosts and ability unlocks. Set in the Roman Empire, circa 1st century AD, the game sports three different classes, representing different nationalities – the Gauls, Romans, and Teutons.

You do this by upgrading your village's buildings, gathering resources and plundering other villages controlled by players. You are the leader of your civilization, and your goal is to expand the power of your empire by diplomatic or military means.
Choose from four factions, build up your city, recruit heroes, and invade foreign soil to become the overlord of the game. Arm your warrior to the teeth with a vast range of weapons and armor, and fight for survival in a variety of arenas. Join one of the four nations and remove the terrorist threat, fighting and forming alliances with other players in the process. Three unit types (air, ground, naval) exist with four types of soldiers and three placement types, offering considerable variety in terms of strategy. Some players will find the long building times a chore; others will find that the burst playing manner suits them well. Players are deployed on a random continent without any customization options (quite bad for a history-based title) and strive to become the greatest general in the world. The battle aspect of the game features gameplay similar to that of Heroes of Might and Magic or Fallout 2.
Collect resources and establish diplomatic and economic ties to expand your colonies throughout the meadow.
Command the era's most destructive implement of warfare – the naval warship – and lead your team to domination. Players start with one of eight different characters, and deal with zombie outbreaks in the United States. Collect three or more figures of the same color into horizontal or vertical line and they will disappear.
Players construct buildings, fortify their castles, expand their armies, explore the wilderness through various quests, and loot rival player villages for resources. A unique feature in this game is the ability to set up your own castle defenses against other players. As the game unfolds, you realize that there’s a lot to do and a lot to build in order to get out of your own village and into the world.
The game is also poorly localized, with occasional translation errors popping up here and there. On the flip side, developers have obviously invested in graphics and other atmospherics, such as voice acting.
The first version has been played for some 10 years, and the second installment seems to hold quite some allure as well, especially if you played the original.
There are four age advancements, which is always good as such advancements create an end-game goal; then there are opportunities for alliances to actually emerge victorious in the game and this adds an extra motivation to play. Level up to unlock "leader" cards, and use your winnings to purchase new cards for your deck.
Get captivated by the game's gripping story while competing against thousands of other gladiators. Destroyers are the smallest ships and function as stealthy scouts and torpedo-launching ambushers. A sizeable game world along with quests ensure that there’s always something to do, and rank and technology advancements add even more variety to this fun, yet complex game. Longer quest chains and dungeons are there as well, allowing players to obtain rare resources and recipes.
Shortly after, you recruit "The Archer", a stumpy Hawkeye clone who fires plungers at his foes and cleans toilets after every victorious battle. Players looking for a polished superhero browser game might want to skip this one and move on to the next.
Total Domination has lots of social features; you gain advantage either by bugging your friends or buying extras. Travian is exciting -- every 100 to 300 days (depending on the server) the end-game festivities commence, and culminate in an emerging winner.
The worlds have expiration dates, and TW2 features new endgame mechanics that allow players to become kings of a server if they have the highest-level fortress. Although the actual combat is boring, the preparation brings real strategy to this game – you have to tinker around to find the best possible formation, unit combination, and equipment for your heroes. WarMage is PvP-centric, meaning that other players, not the computer, have to be outsmarted for acquiring items and unlocking new unit types. The game world is quite beautiful, and exploring it offers hours of fun even if it can be made overly easy with the auto quest feature. World of Ants has a newbie-friendly game world; its beginning quests help newcomers a great deal, and the learning curve is not steep at all.

Coordinated teamwork is essential in achieving victory, as going "Rambo into the fray" will most likely result in getting sunk quickly. There is no actual combat (everything is text-based), but fighting other players can be quite hard. Excellent graphics, melodious music, different bonuses are main features of this bright matching game.
Social elements are plentiful and aspire to hold some degree of realism: for example, players with higher ranks can recruit others to become their vassals, reflecting the feudal system in the Dark Ages. Although games are blazing fast (about five minutes against easy opponents), they’re also quite tactical and require a lot of educated guesswork plus a bit of luck. Yes, the game is *that* weird, and it becomes even more strange as you progress through content.
Travian is easy to learn but hard to master, and is almost flawless, except for two caveats, one minor and the other game-changing – the graphics are virtually non-existent, and players who throw money at the game have noticeable advantages. The king of a world can assign certain roles to the players of his tribe, adding a team management touch to the gameplay. There are the usual daily quests, research and city conquering, attacking barbarians, and so on. Social play is greatly rewarded – you can finish groups of NPC monsters a lot faster if you recruit allies for the task.
Buildings are constructed quite slowly, signaling that the game is for those who want to invest a little time daily. Before joining a game, players configure their battle force and arrange their items and spells to gain every possible advantage over the enemy. The game has prettier graphics than most Facebook games, but it struggles to introduce something new to the genre. Battleships are slow, heavily armored juggernauts that can deal massive damage at the cost of low accuracy and lengthy reloads. While playing the bonuses become available, they help you to win in this interesting matching puzzle game. Building a good all-round deck can be nothing short of a Herculean labor, but the mechanics are fairly easy to grasp. If the developers fix some quirks related to leveling up and looting gear, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot will become a very good time waster indeed.
If you are simply looking for a clear-cut (not to say cookie-cutter) MMORTS which isn’t done lazily, Total Domination might just do the trick.
Other innovations include account sharing in co-op mode, as well as reconnaissance buildings and unit types. Obtain silver (the main resource) by levy and move up the legion ranks within your own city.
Although WarMage Battlegrounds is graphically appealing and not bad in terms of strategy, battles tend to take a while, and so does the process of acquiring items, and this makes the game not especially rewarding for the amount of time invested. Aircraft Carriers are unique in that they send out airplanes that can scout quickly, engage enemy fighters, and harass ships with bombs and torpedoes. Play with your friends – send them gifts and vote for the prettiest zoos in Zoomumba. There’s a crafting system that boosts the abilities of your cards, plus you can also craft new ones.
Also, the obvious emphasis on paid features makes a good deal of the game unavailable to those unwilling to pay. The game features an in-depth tech tree while the combat is dependent on unit types, adding a further level of complexity. You have to level up (rather easy in this game) for unlocking new habitats for your animals or new decorations for your zoo. The game backfires on non-paying senior players as construction times get really long in the end game. Ship captains can also be trained in a variety of skills to increase the performance of their commandeering.
Social perks, such as buffs lasting 50% longer when cast by another player, motivate players to make friends, and that’s what this game seems to be about.

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