This is part 3 in a series of blog posts that will explain how to use a free website template to build and publish a complete website.
In the last part of the tutorial, the Variant Duo template was downloaded and extracted to your local computer, and the file structure of the template was explained. When the index.html file is opened in a web browser, you see the full template design with the included sample content. In order to understand the structure of the HTML code, we need to take a look at the template design and the different parts of it.
Each of these sections can be found in the HTML code, and each section (with the exception of the header image) can be directly edited by simply editing the corresponding HTML text. There are a lot of different tags available, and several different web standards with different sets of tags and different rules for how they can be used.
If you have made it this far, then editing the other parts of the template into a complete webpage will be easy! Andreas thanks again for the next installment of your tutorial you would be suprised how maney people use it,but don’t post here i pass it on to many people like myself who are just learning from you so keep up the good work looking forward to the next one.
Andreas, thanks so much for all the great work and sharing your expertise with a novice like me. I want to that you so much for your tutorials , Imagine we have just started to be computer literate in our country (Zimbabwe) and we have yet to catch up with the IT world . I try to follow this tutorial and I have made my first website using my own coding, not wordpress. This seems great and I think programming is so fun, especially when we are successful with some lines of codes and work like we are expecting. FeaturedBulgaria - A responsive, Bootstrap-based template with full-width slideshow and portfolio feature.

There are a lot of free HTML tutorials you can find on the web showing you how to how to create simple website  and sometimes you get confused on what codes to use and where to put the codes. Here is an easy way to create your own webpage – free HTML  codes basically used to create your own selling page. Run the code in a browser.  Now you created your own first hand coded web page!  Now you only need to add more good custom web graphics for your header for webpages, buttons and other images.
Need help in adding more graphics to your page?  Click here to learn more on website graphics online tutorial.
If you are, you may be getting ripped off.  Design Dashboard shows you not only the basics graphic design tutorials, steps to create website  but really walks you step by step through setting up your hosting, autoresponders and shopping cart. Read part 1 for an introduction to the tutorial and part 2 that describes how to download and unpack a template and finding an editor for your operating system. A markup tag is a decriptive label written between angled brackets, and each markup tag consists of two parts: a starting tag and an ending tag. When you open index.html in a web browser you will see that the title now shows the text you have entered.
If you have any questions or comments regarding this part (or HTML in general), you are very welcome to post a comment below or send me an e-mail. I was deperate to understand how to make a website and there I found you, Thank you for making complicated subject so easy to understand. If you haven’t downloaded and installed any code editor, go back to part 2 of the tutorial for links to different editors that you can use.
We will take a closer look at that soon, but before that you need to be familiar with what HTML tags are and how they work. I will write more about different standards in future posts, but you will only need to learn a few tags to get started with editing your template.

There are six levels of header tags, h1, h2 and so on up to h6, where h1 is the first level. In the upcoming parts of the tutorial, I will explain how to edit the navigation menu, the header image, the main content and the footer. As, I mentioned in a post elsewhere, your site is simply outstanding with its plethora of templates, themes and tutorials – and just want to reiterate that it is really appreciated that you still leave these tutorials on your site (in spite of their age) as they are as relevant now as when they were first written.
I use Dreamweaver and all your code drops into it perfectly and it makes me understand how it works. The use of header tags in HTML documents can be compared to using headers in an ordinary text document or in a book, as headers should be used in a logical structure. By letting the site title link to index.html you will always be able to return to the frontpage of your website by clicking the site title. Save the file and open it in the web browser again – and your own tagline should be in place. And, they are extremely instructive and easy to understand for most newbies (such as myself). I will focus on the header image in the next part, as well as explaining what HTML tag attributes are and how different attributes work.

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