Prices are free for limited time only so please be sure to confirm the price is still free before downloading. With her father dead and her brother missing in the crusades, Lady Evelyn finds herself in the clutches of the notorious Lord Tibald.
As she becomes aware of Gabriel’s merciless nature, she struggles to reconcile herself with the consuming nature of their bond, while trying to understand the two sides of the conflicting man. Everyone dances for the Virgin Queen, Protestant and Catholic alike.  For one man and one woman, courtly schemes and personal betrayals sweep them into a dangerous dance of plots to defy crown and country that could ultimately cost them their lives, and their love.
He’d been biding his time, and now the perfect opportunity had arrived to pursue the ultimate object of his affections.

FT books, like many others, tend to be free for only a short period, so please always double check the price!
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But while she should be concentrating on spurning the advances of the lord, Evelyn fights a growing attraction to the enigmatic and brooding Gabriel, Tibald’s darkly unnerving right-hand man. Follow our Ebook Deals for Nook and Kindle page to get daily free and bargain ebooks for Nook and Kindle.
If Callum was going to get what he wanted—as always—the millionaire just might have to utter three little words first.

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