You already know WebStarts is everything you need to create a unique and beautiful website. You can create membership pages on your website that require site visitors to sign up and login to your website in order to view specific pages. Over 300 million people use Instagram because it helps everyday people take great looking photos.
To do this click on the insert video icon on the toolbar, upload a video, find one through the Youtube search, or pull one from your Instagram account.
The contacts tab is where the contact information goes for people who’ve subscribed to your forms.
When you add a full width element to your site you can apply a parallax effect by clicking on the element, clicking the settings cog, and choosing the Parallax option from the effect drop down menu.

At WebStarts we’ve integrated Instagram into the page editor so you can easily use these photos on your website. Once the video is on the page click on the attached full width icon while the video player is selected.
After the gallery is inserted onto your web page click on the attached full width icon while the gallery is selected.
Insert the map onto your web page and then click the attached full width icon while the map is selected.
You can send an email to these contacts by selecting the contacts and choosing send email from the drop down in the top right of the list or you can send email to these leads through the WebStarts email marketing platform. Add a photo to a page, while it’s selected click on the settings cog, and then edit image.

All you need to do is create some text or an image, select it and click on the hyperlink tool. You can either use the Instagram app for WebStarts by clicking on Apps> Instagram (This will add an Instagram feed where your latest posts show first) or you can choose the photos and videos you want to display on an individual basis using the Instagram tab in the file manager view. Once you’re finished click save and a copy of your altered image will be appear on your page and in your file manager.

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