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FREE Google Page Rank Checker - Page Rank Checker is a completely Free tool to check Google PR, page rank of your web site easily and possibly display your Google PageRank on your web pages. Our website counters and statistics counters are provided free of charge, we do not require your email or any personal information and you can signup with our services in less then a minute. Whatsapp, the world’s most popular instant messaging app has finally released its desktop version for Windows and Mac users a couple of days ago. Facebook-owned instant messaging service announced that it wants to entertain desktop users in the best possible way through the desktop version of their app. And for business professionals, this new app is a great opportunity to get connected with clients and colleagues all the time. You don’t need to do anything outside the box to use this app on your computer screen because it will get installed just like all other normal desktop applications. Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection to complete the entire process smoothly. And to celebrate Mother’s Day, Facebook is coming up with its temporary flower reaction. Twitter user Sreedev Sharma found a purple reaction in the Facebook source code which he has posted on his twitter account. With more than 300 million monthly active users, Instagram has seized its place among the top social channels in quite a short span of time.
But, what’s more interesting is the news that Instagram is about to test a little bit of changes in its design.
As you can see in the screenshot, the camera icon has been changed from square to circle, so that it can look exactly like a real camera.
The overall design is giving an extraordinarily decent look, but it’s still not confirmed that whether the Instagram officials will rollout all the changes or not. In next couple of years, citizens of Beverly Hills will no longer be traveling by traditional buses and cars for sure.
It is surely going to be an incredible initiative which will allow a person to book a driverless car from smartphone, instead of standing on a bus stop.
In order to make this plan a big reality, instead of going into contract with automobile giants like Mercedes or Audi, Beverly Hills is planning to collaborate with Google and Tesla. The city which is popularly known as a home to many Hollywood celebrities will soon become the center of attraction because of its autonomous cars. It is definitely not an overnight plan because Google has been recruiting podcasters from across the world since last October which makes it clear that the company had plans to introduce podcasts to its Play Store. The launching date has not been revealed, but the feature will surely add another milestone to Google’s list of achievements. Although Google is not the only company introducing podcast feature to its app, but this smart move will give reasons to its audience to stick with Play Music. With the rise of wearable technologies, innovators can’t resist but to embed every other passion, hobby or even needs of yours into small, wearable tech, and among them wristbands are the most popular. To all Android fans out there, there’s good news for you – Google has unveiled its new OS, the Android N.

The primary reason for the earlier than expected release of the developer’s preview is, of course, to let the users give their critical feedback on the OS so it can be further tweaked and improved for the final version.
Regardless, this earlier release has brought with it an “early-bird” look into the amazing features Android N will offer. Multitasking has always been a difficult feature to offer on mobiles, and even on some tablets. Notifications have not always been very useful for alerts because too many notifications clutter up the screen and mess up the important alerts.
It won’t be long when the days of tapping notification and redirecting to the app to reply. The deep-sea fauna is very delicate and fragile, and perhaps that is what makes it so precious to every marine biologist. That is what made Robert Wood, Harvard engineer and a Roboticist, and David Gruber, a marine biologist, to team up and create a robot that can safely extract corals from deep sea and take them to the surface for study. The team took inspiration from the sea creatures like snake or tube worm to come up with two different shapes grabbers. The team conducted its first field test back in May 2015 in the Northern Red Sea, making dozens of successful dives and retrieving precious samples of deep-sea corals.
The team also hopes that the technology will be highly useful in above-water operations as well including gene expression analysis, biological sampling, archaeology, etc.
Softbank, the Japanese phone carrier, will be opening its store in Tokyo, Japan, on March 28th and will continue to operate till April 3rd. Although the company states that the staff will be comprised of only Peppers, but there will be human representatives as well and their job will be to check the Ids of the customers. There is no longer purpose in opposition – resistance is futile – join the Dark Side and upgrade to Windows 10!
With all the noise and dust that came along with the latest Windows 10 Free Upgrade, being technically the most advanced, and likely the most spying-oriented operating system from Redmond giant, Microsoft, there comes an annoying notification that you apparently cannot turn-off (oops! STEP 1: At system tray notification area, locate the Windows 10 Free Upgrade icon and right-click with your mouse over it. In many cases, sites that allow you to have a free hit counter offer users a simple code to embed in your web or blog. It is totally FREE to take one of 4 different online IQ tests and to learn a lot more about the LSAT, GRE, GMAT and MCAT tests! If so this FREE auction will allow you to set up your own online wholesale clothing auction to sell your apparel inventory. This simple version of an ecommerce shopping cart will allow you to get started easily as long as you have your own merchant account. Have fun reading some good clean jokes submitted online to joke contests that we have held in the past. All you need to do is scan a QR code from your smartphone to get access to all your chats and Whatsapp history. In reaction to his tweet, Facebook also confirmed that it is going to roll out a temporary flower reaction in a couple of markets for a limited period. It has previously rolled out so many features to celebrate various sports events and national days across the world.
Apart from being an image-friendly app that allows a user to upload unlimited pictures, this social app has become the center of attraction for hundreds of businesses from all over the world.
It shows that Instagram is moving slightly away from its current blue-and-orange interface and replacing it with a flat black and white design. However, we are pretty sure that the new design will bring more maturity and stability to the interface. And, because of this reason they have passed a resolution to introduce driverless cars for the convenience of their people.
Google has officially announced that podcasts will be available on Google Play Music very soon. It is because the users will be able to browse a variety of podcast channels depending upon their mood.
The wristband is available for an inexpensive price of just $50, which makes it even more desirable gadget for the guitar aficionados. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google Head of Andoird, said, “It’s earlier than ever, it’s easier to try and we’re expanding the ways for you to give us feedback.

However, with the Android N OS, users can interact with two apps simultaneously with either side-by-side view or one-above-the-other. In its new Android, Google has tweaked and enhanced the Doze feature to amplify the battery life of your mobile. With the bundled notifications in Android N, notifications from the same app will grouped up in a single tab. The new Android N offers the inline replies feature that lets you respond or reply to the notifications right from the notification shades.
One works like a pair of hands and the other wrap itself around the corals to recover them safely. The roboticist, Robert Wood, also plans to integrate the sense of touch technology as well into the ROV to enable the operator feel the grab as well.
Whether mankind would be subjugated by evil machines or not, future will tell, but what we know so far is that the new kid robot in town, Pepper, is going to conquer our heart with its overwhelming cuteness. Yes, the whole store will be run by these cute, humanoid robots that will interact with the customers, wave at them, give them a high five and more.
The company will employ up to six Peppers in its store, and according to the company the robots will welcome the customers to the store, sign-up a phone contract with them, display the mobiles to the customers and in fact give a demonstration as well. It is created to interact with humans, chat with them through its voice and detect the emotions of the speaker.
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Our website counters and statistics counters are provided free of charge, we do not require your email or any personal information and you can .Beautiful free hit counter. Extensive ad network drives TARGETED traffic direct to your website from all over the internet. But, this purple reaction for Mother’s Day will certainly help Facebook win millions of hearts from all around the globe. Apart from hundreds of sensational sound tracks, you can now listen to your favorite podcasts without surfing the internet. Just strap it on your wrist, hook it up with the companion app, and be on your merry way to air guitaring. In the last version of the Doze feature, Doze kicks in if the mobile is left idle for a while.
Looks like the problem is finally solved, all thanks to “Squishy Fingers”- the robot with soft and spongy grabbers. The soft grabbers were developed using materials like fiberglass and silicone, along with Kevlar for reinforcement.
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Now, it’s our time to pay tribute to this beautiful person who never gets tired of doing anything to make us happy. However, in the latest version the power-saving mode will trigger immediately when the screen turns off.
However, the robots used for collecting corals have heavy, rigid claws that make it unable to take the corals to surface with little or no damage. Another reason for using such materials is to make the technology inexpensive and easily reproducible and repairable. So then here I have a guide that is perfect for you which allows you to find out where and how to find a Hit Counter free to apply on your webpage or blog.
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