PUB HTML5 is an all-in-one digital publishing solution for all publishers, businesses, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals. PUB HTML5 changes the rules of the game for digital publishing, turning them into engaging rich media experiences. Enjoy your digital flipbook on PC, Tablet, Mobile and embed publication to your website & share with your friends! Create High-Quality & Exciting Digital Publications that can be Delivered to Almost Any Device. Numerous options (150+) to customize the look of your flipbook to the corporate design of your company or that of your customers. Use the intuitive Animatron Editor to design and publish animated and interactive content that plays everywhere, from desktop computers to mobile devices - NO CODING REQUIRED!. Your readers can view your magazine, catalog, brochures or any other edition on their desktop when and where they want to. Pub HTML5 admin tool is a robust, user friendly management tool that can be used to instantly upload your PDF file, immediately preview digital editions, and keep track of all digital editions.
Helps you to create online flipbook silently without opening the Windows application at all.
All texts within your publications would be indexed by search engines after converting PDF to flipping book. Your readers don’t have to install an app to enjoy your flipping book from their mobile devices. Customize the large logo that is being displayed while the magazine is being loaded; Customize the logo in the top-left corner of the digital reader; No more ads around your content, no more related magazines displayed on the right!
Creating rich media flipping book, turning your PDF into unique interactive reading experiences for readers. Our Free Plan still includes many great features, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. It is all-in-one digital publishing solution for all businesses, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals.
I'm very pleased with the product and plans to do a lot of presentations and to publish them through your product.
One stop tool for creation of interactive digital publications with excellent customer support.
Completely DIY your page flipping book with a variety of pre-designed templates, and adjust the templates with custom logo, backgrounds, colors, buttons , navigation options and more (80+). Easy and simple to add YouTube video, local video player, audio player, images, photo slideshow, text, links, bookmark and Flash animation to enrich your flip book and engage readers.
Add animations, interactivity and rich web content – all in real-time and all without writing a single line of code. Turn your catalogs, lookbooks, magazines into inspiring shoppable experiences today with FlipHTML5, boost your sales through impulse shopping mimicking real life shopping behavior. Create life-like digital magazines in HTML5 which work on nearly all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets; View it anywhere, anytime, online or offline.
The FlipHTML5 intelligent platform uses the leading cloud platform ( FlipHTML5 Cloud ) for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere. FlipHTML5 is a powerful html5 flipbook software which enables users to build an Android App for publishing your publications into Android devices.
Offline publications can be used as a part of your press kit, promo production, or corporate gift. Supports 17 languages for interface of Fliphtml5, they are: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Tranditional Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Arabic and Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Basque. FlipHTML5's Annotation allow you to add comments, corrections, signatures, highlighting, even photos, designs and drawings to flipbook.
Video and Photo Slideshow, on one hand, it helps you to explain and show more information in a visual way; on the other hand, it helps to leave a deep impression of digital publication to your visitors. The OCR engine of FlipHTML5 can help you extract the text from the imported images, and make your image text searchable on Google. Subscription feature is very useful for you to read flipbooks of publishers who you are interested in. Copy and paste the embed code to your HTML file, and you can embed a nice looking Bookcase to your site, which will automatically collect your newly upload publications without changing the embed code. Flip HTML5 code-free Advanced Event Editor allows you to add gorgeous interactions to the animations that you add on flipbook pag es, making the animations more attractive and interactive. New E-Commerce feature provides an easy solution for you to sell your self-published flipbooks on FlipHTML5. I need to do a lot of presentations to my customers for Business, and I am always hoping to find a way to present my document better than the PDF. A spokesperson for the company made an official press statement in which he discussed the work of the company and the new Enterprise Package a€?Here at FlipHTML5 Software Co.
He further added about the Enterprise Package a€?The Enterprise Package can be acquired for a set price of $999. SmartTOP Add-On Convertible Top Controller for Audi TT 8S Now Available Travel to the land of the Pharaohs with Genting Casino Nascent Biotech, Inc.

The August edition of what’s new out there for web designers and developers includes a number of new web apps, JavaScript plugins, tools for creating smartphone apps, and browser tools, along with fifteen great new fonts. Most of the resources below are free or very low cost, and are sure to be useful to a lot of designers and developers out there.
As always, if we’ve missed something you think should have been included, please let us know in the comments. Mosaiqy is a jQuery plugin for creating photo galleries with unique animated viewing properties. Chosen is a JavaScript plugin (jQuery or Prototype) for creating more user-friendly select boxes, which also happen to be a whole lot more attractive than the default inputs. Contrast Rebellion is an informational website that aims to teach designers about better practices for typographical contrast, to make their sites more usable.
PressWork is a new, free HTML5 WordPress Framework for designer, developers, and publishers.
Genwi is a tablet and smartphone publishing platform for creating interactive, social, and live media apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5. Slim is a lightweight templating language that aims to reduce syntax to the minimum parts while still remaining decipherable.
This set of free Android GUI PSD files from Peter Hui is based on the most popular Android screen size and high pixel density, and uses the default Android skin as a baseline. Buzz is a JavaScript HTML5 audio library for taking advantage of the new HTML5 audio element.
Adobe Edge is Adobe’s new offering for creating HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript-based animations and interactive content. P22 Foxtrot ($130 for the full set) is a classic family of typefaces in 24 styles and weights.
Satura Suite ($236 for the full set) is a set of 14 fonts in a variety of weights and styles, including sans-serif and decorative versions that are made to work perfectly together.
Wallflowers ($19) is an ornamental dingbats font with a variety of flower-based characters, reminiscent of vintage wallpaper. Floral Pro ($208 for the entire family) is a modern slab serif font with eight styles and weights, including bold, italic, light, and extra bold variants.
Afrobeat ($39) is a bold, retro decorative typeface with rounded characters and smooth curves.
Pona Display ($237.50 for the full set), part of the Pona family of typefaces, is a serif typeface with details that make it appropriate for display use. Tillom ($49 for both fonts) is a set of two typefaces, one decorative and one semi-decorative (and more readable). Okay Berry ($29.50) is a very natural-looking handwriting typeface with an organic, rough feeling to it. Taumfel ($50) is an all-connected script typeface, with a style that looks very much like old-fashioned calligraphy. Kirimomi Swash is a display typeface that was designed based on print advertising dating as far back as 1949 from Japanese sports fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
In this recent year, blogging for promotion and marketing, the Tumblr blogging stage has many benefits that distinguish it from more customary blogging CMS like Typepad, Blogger and WordPress.
You might have use other platform such WordPress, Blogger etc., these were created for publishing unique content on a website. We have collected 50 Best Free Tumblr Themes for bloggers, marketing, fashion and business purposes.
Colored bookmarks, custom logos, custom backgrounds, toolbar, music, video ,and your own button graphics are also possible.
It provides you with the ability to brand and customize your flipbook by choosing your desired button skin, logo, background, and more.
The publications created from PDF via PUB HTML5 provide the proper means of integration with popular social network sites.
By inputting your Google Analytics account ID in the publishing book, you can monitor and analyze the traffic of your online publications with ease in your Google Analytics account live.
Deliver the same immersive reading experience on all major mobile browsers with our HTML5 reader. Make your publications shareable on various social networks and available on smartphones, mobile, tablets and PC. This means your readers are able to read these publications you create on Android smartphones and tablets without internet connection.
Customize keywords, page titles to ensure maximum search engine visibility; Extract the text of the PDF and publish it as Text version so your content can be easily searched by Google.
Readers can fast add Bookmarks while reading and quick access to respective pages of the flipbook. This feature will help maximize your SEO effort even though you build page flip publications with images. The interactions are responsive and work smoothly on both desktops, laptops and mobiles like iPad and iPhone.

Add contacts and Email addresses to the list and email the flipbooks to them using our pre-designed template, but you can customize Email content. Ltd is a digital publishing software, allowing ita€™s users to create interactive HTML5 books, magazines and more. With a one-time payment of $999, people can get a permanent membership to access all premium features of the software for life.
Ltd, we are a very customer oriented corporation and strive to give the best service to our clients.
With this package, the customer can enable all the features that our software has to provide.
You get the benefits of a modular loading system (so you’re not loading unnecessary scripts) while maintaining the speed of a single, compressed file. Rather than having to enter a bunch of garbled characters, MotionCaptcha has users trace a simple shape to prove they aren’t spambots. It includes more than 1200 screen shots of website designs, with content from both the first and second volumes of the print book. It uses Twitter integration to post and share what people would like to see change with blogging. It works with standard drop downs, multiple select boxes, selections with groups, and more. It’s a framework for Jekyll, the same static site generator that powers Github Pages. They also have tools to generate your own infographics, including the Twitter Visualizer (other tools are coming soon). It includes a drag-and-drop layout engine, a front-end style editor, and more, that make it easy to create WP-powered sites.
It lets you create native mobile apps using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and you can output to all platforms from a single source file. It currently works with Windows 7, but support will be added for Windows Vista, XP, and Mac OS X at a later date. It includes a free trial, doesn’t require you to install any code, and offers pay-as-you-go pricing. White ($40) is a decorative script font that was originally designed for a children’s book. Here Tumblr can be used exclusively for publishing blog posts in like fashion, by its nature it is structured as a platform for sharing other’s content first. Viewers can share the fipbook to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and more sites or E-mail or copy it to others. The Command Line mode also allows users to custom almost all book details, such as template, theme, scene, mobile, output format, etc.
You also can do in-page SEO optimization work (define page title and meta data) for web and everyone can find your digital page flip catalogue via the internet. Everything that happens in your publications is automatically reported into a simple to use dashboard.
This makes it incredibly easy for your customers to continue their shopping journey on your website. By following or subscribing to book authors, you are able to get update info via email once the authors publish one or more new flipbooks. You can manage your contacts and check Email history including contacts, delivering status and time. With the basic service being free, the company offers various packages with a monthly fee, so people can access premium features of the software. While users can access our basic service for free, there are many features that require a paid membership with our site.
This includes the multi-user feature, with up to then independent users at a time, unlimited storage and unlimited uploads to meet the clientsa€™ variety demands.
Jekyll requires you to write your own HTML templates, CSS, JavaScript, and more, but Octopress takes care of all that for you.
It’s a clean script with a strong influence from primary school handwriting textbooks. Create a rich interactive experience with an interface that's as intuitive as using a real book! The company has now announced a new one-time payment package for business owners who use the software frequently. ZCorum to Demonstrate DOCSIS Diagnostics Solutions in Philippines during PCTA 2016 Skilled Nurse Julia M. Davila, RN, MSN, CNOR, to Be Published in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare Skilled Nurse Barbara Bittel, RN, BSN, CCRP, to Be Published in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare Skilled Nurse Jane K.

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