Before I went to bed last night, just like every other night I harmlessly checked my Facebook notifications, then without too much thought, I proceeded to scroll through my Facebook news feed (as you do right?!?) just checking out what everyone was up to, what people were complaining about, what people had for dinner and funny videos, just scrolling aimlessly with no real purpose.
We innocently hop on our phone to just check our notifications then get stuck there and before we know it an hour of our precious life has passed, that we’ll never get back and that homework we were supposed to do is still sitting on the desk staring judgementally at us. It is kind of scary how easy it is to get totally sucked in and addicted to social media and technology and it’s even scarier to think of how much of our lives are wasted on these sites just scrolling with no purpose or intention in mind. In a study conducted by IDC for Facebook, over 25% of smart phone users from ages 18-44 say they can’t recall the last time their smartphone wasn’t next to them, they’re just the ones who felt so guilt that they admitted it……. There was also another crazy study conducted by the University of Chicago that found social media can be more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol…..wholllyyyyy molyy! I myself strongly know that I never want to voluntarily give over my personal power of choice, to an object outside of myself and I sure as heck don’t want act thoughtlessly. Scroll with Purpose: Have an objective when you go online, know why you’re there, what you are hoping to achieve (checking notifications, 10 mins of scrolling the newsfeed, adding a certain person, posting a specific picture) Learning to be conscious of what you’re thinking and the action you’re taking. We keep our eyes on the screen and miss out of so much beauty around us, so many precious moments to connect with others, and so many opportunities to really live our lives.
Keep it all in perspective, you were put on this earth to live YOUR life, not your Facebook profiles life. If you have an important assignment coming up or exam week on its way then you can temporarily deactivate your account or install COLD TURKEY, a programme which physically blocks you from various addictive sites. It makes me so so so excited to know you’re reading the blog and getting something from it. We might need to implement the all electronics in the kitchen at night rule too, thank you for the inspiration! Subscribe for more awesome FREE tips, positive ideas and tools to inspire you to be your best!
The Instagram image sees Amber in a skimpy leotard with heart prints sprayed onto her shaved head.
As an aspiring journalist and someone who eats, sleeps and breathes entertainment, I decided to take matters into my own hands and establish a showbiz-themed website. Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Engaged – See the Krazy Kardashian Relationship Tree! For the capability of instagrille it able to do almost everything that you can do with the mobile version instagram.

In many accidental cases it happens that whatever the data which an user stores in his or her Gmail account, it may be in the form of drafts, contacts, conversations of the chats.
For you who love Metro UI and want to show it on your browser, you can use an extension for Google Chrome. Enter your email address for Free People BLDG 25 news, offers, and other promotional communications. 42-Year-Old Gabrielle Union FINALLY Reveals The Secret Behind Her Envy-Inducing Ageless Skin! And in that moment I realised this cycle wasn’t a once off thing, this wasn’t something I’d just randomly done tonight, It’s something I’ve done before…..A LOT! I want every action I take and thought I think to be on purpose and in the direction of making me a bigger, better and brighter version of myself. I dare you to spend some time away from your phone, being in the moment, listen to the sounds around you, taking in the beauty of the world around you and really connect with your family and friends. Whatever is needed for you to spend less time living through your screen and more time actually living. This is something most people are lacking and it’s why they never feel whole, complete or fulfilled and keep scrolling. Every time you go online, do so with the intention of only doing things that empower you, make you feel good and develop you as a person!!! We stalk their profiles and envy over their awesome pictures, killer bikini body, ridiculous amount of likes on their posts, we wish we had as many ‘friends’ as they have and the worst part is we put ourself down, make our self feel small, bad and worthless because of it.
We all know those people who use social media to ‘air their dirty laundry’ meaning they complain, bitch, and whinge about everything that is going horrible in their lives.
I do check Facebook but I turn my phone off overnight and its plugged in the kitchen NOT my bedroom.
Amber has shown Wiz Khalfia what he’s missing by posting a super-sexy snap of herself in a swimsuit.
Ever since I can remember, I've been interested in the world of celebrities, have listened to the latest music, and watched the newest movies. This free application for desktop can be used to browse  the photo of your friends in instagram, follow or unfollow other users, send and accepting like, and giving comments for the uploaded photos. What interesting is that WorldMate for iPad giving the offline access, so we don’t need to always connect with the internet to use this application.

Blog PC focusing on Windows tutorial, Computer tablet, Apple and Android Tablet Apps reviews. By scrolling with purpose you’ll feel accomplished and empowered to log off when you’re done. Search for positive and inspiring videos, watch TEDX talks that open your mind up to possibilities and empower you to think differently, only be friends with people who lift you to a higher standard, only like Facebook pages that are full of positive, awesomeness that makes you feel motivated and joyful. Comparison is the thief of joy,  and you aren’t doing yourself (or anyone else any favours by playing small and wishing you we’re someone else)  My darlings avoid comparison like you’d avoid a friend with the flu the day before exams!  When you are busy comparing yourself with others it makes you feel bad about yourself and you waste time wishing you could be like them. The only reason people stay friends with them on Facebook is because, sadly people find it entertaining and funny! When we’re constantly on our phone checking Facebook or private messaging people while we simultaneously hang out with friends, taking iPhones with us everywhere we go, taking pictures and constantly adding to instagram, scrolling while we eat breakfast, between classes and before we go to bed. If you want to get a higher amount of active Followers, we highly recommend choosing a Niche Group relating to what you are posting. Do things online that leave you feeling happier and more empowered than you were before you got online. While you are wasting that time you are missing opportunities to connect with people and to let your true self shine (aka you are missing opportunities to be accepted for who you are) Don’t compare yourself with others- you’re more than enough and this world needs that special something that only you can give. A startup supported by Google and Intel who have worked on Pokki, a platform which help the developers to create an application connected to web standart application such as HTML 5. If you’re ever in doubt stop and ask yourself “Is this helping me to be a bigger, better, and more brilliant version of me?” if yes, go for it…if no, DELETE! Don’t use social media to air your dirty laundry, instead get a journal and write it all down. Nowadays, your Facebook, instagram and twitter are how people who don’t know you (especially potential employers and boyfriends) determine what kind of human you are. Right now there are more then 150 different applications in Pokki, this include Instagrille as an Instagram’s application for Windows. When you are posting positive videos, quotes, pictures and statuses, when you are supportive of others and compliment other people, the world see’s it and you will be rewarded for it, and it just makes you feel bloody great too!

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