What makes the new upper class new is that its members not only have power and influence but also increasingly share a common culture that separates them from the rest of the country.
Almost everything about the 21st century today is different from the society a century earlier. Fifty years ago, the people who rose to the most influential positions overwhelmingly had Hank’s kind of background, thoroughly grounded in the American mainstream.
Due to the division caused by a hierarchy in the society, inequalities rise and the continual divide will definitely be detrimental to the society.

Today, people of influence are characterized by college education, often from elite colleges.
Subsequently, the rich elite who became rich a few years ago possess very different characteristics from the new rich elite we observe today. The first is the small set of people — well under 100,000, by a rigorous definition — who are responsible for the films and television shows you watch, the news you see and read, the success (or failure) of the nation’s leading corporations and financial institutions and the jurisprudence, legislation and regulations produced by government. The men are married not to the girl next door but to highly educated women socialized at the same elite schools who are often as professionally successful as their husbands.

The second is the broader set, numbering a few million people, who hold comparable positions of influence in the nation’s major cities.

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