I am all about value added services, It is my personal belief that your websites visitors are more likely to revisit your content if you provide them with all the tools they need to succeed.
For just $99 the WordPress plugin allows us to save unlimited job postings, unlimited job applications and unlimited resumes, all on our own trusty server which means no reliance on outside systems. One of the best parts about WPJobBoard is the simple fact that it scales for your template, that means as you change the look and feel of your website you can easily continue the WPJobBoard integration process. Once a link is clicked users are then greeted with information about the company they are examining including the company name, the type of job, its location and the type of posting such as sponsored or free.

Job posters can then choose what type of ad to place, for example a paid ad will be displayed first. Using the WPJobBoard plugin you can of course create your own cost structure based on the size of your community and the niche you serve. For that reason a strong job board is essential if you run a tech reporting, freelance writing or related website in which your readers likely want to stay up-to-date with openings in their field. I should probably mention that for $99 you get one full year of free upgrades and full technical support.

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