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A list of recommended websites by the American Library Association compiled by Cindy Lawrence, third grade teacher in Texas.
When you lack motivation, inspiration and creativity to become one of the best academic writers in class, there are several resources that can help you find them.
Converting Fractions to Decimals - You can play this game in relaxed mode or time yourself for a challenge. This elementary algebra worksheet is a great way for students to practice balancing division equations. However, no matter what your math adoption, the lessons and games are amazing reinforcements for the kids. Virtual Manipulatives: Every math manipulative that you have (or should have) in the math manipulative kit that comes with your math series can be found in virtual form on this website.

Every student has to complete a ton of papers prior to graduation, so neglecting this important part of the curriculum won’t result with the GPA you expect to achieve. We want to make it easy for students, parents, and math teachers to use our educational materials. In addition, there are new, different ways to manipulate these manipulatives that I have found only here. They will focus on identifying attributes of a polygon which include sides, vertices and angles.
This is commonly shared at the end of edcamps as something new to try, or something that has been successfully used with stuednts already.
Since you have to write all those papers, you will benefit by maximizing your productivity and creativity with the help of the online writing tools listed below. Many of these games start out in my classroom as a teaching game, and then the kids like them so much, that they become a reward for completing quality work early or having a great behavior day.
They will also work with the attributes of a geometric solid such as edges, vertices, angles, and faces.

In addition to base ten blocks, there are also number lines, clocks, money, tangrams, pattern blocks and more.
Students will also be learning about the area of a rectangle and using arrays to find the number of squares used within a rectangle. It works fabulously with a projector and an interactive board, but is just as much fun at a single computer during centers. Students will also partition (split) circles and rectangles in halves, thirds and fourths, or equal shares. Selecting this will take you to another web page where the algebra division worksheet has been isolated so that you can print the worksheet inside of your browser.

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