Kranti (English: Revolution) is a 1981 Indian Hindi film created and coordinated by Manoj Kumar.
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A vengeful fairy is driven to curse an infant princess, only to discover that the child may be the one person who can restore peace to their troubled land.
A powerful fairy named Maleficent lives in the Moors, a magical forest realm bordering a corrupt human kingdom.
Stefan (Sharlto Copley) visits Maleficent in the Moors and drugs her, but cannot bring himself to kill her. Some time later, Diaval informs Maleficent that Stefan (who is now king) is hosting a christening for his newborn daughter, Princess Aurora, with his wife, Queen Leila (Hannah New).
Despite her initial dislike for Aurora, Maleficent begins to care for the girl when the neglectful pixies fail to do so.
Maleficent transforms Diaval into a wing-armed dragon and he lifts the net off her, but is driven back by the guards.
Soon after, Aurora is crowned queen of the human and fairy realms by Maleficent, unifying the two kingdoms, with Phillip beside her.
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It stars Manoj Kumar alongside an extensive cast comprising of Dilip Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Shatrughan Sinha, Parveen Babi, Sarika, Prem Chopra, Madan Puri and Paintal. As a young girl, she befriends and falls in love with a human peasant boy named Stefan (Michael Higgins), whose affection for Maleficent is overshadowed by his ambition to someday become king.
Instead, he uses a chain made of iron, which burns fairies, to cut off Maleficent’s wings which he then presents them to the king as evidence of her death. Bent on revenge, Maleficent crashes the event and curses the infant princess: on her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, putting her into a deep sleep from which she will never awaken.
However, she is drawn by the curse to the dungeon where a spinning wheel pricks her finger on the spindle of the spinning wheel and she falls into a deep sleep, completing the curse.
Later that night, Ford appears in the hotel Susan is staying at and insists that she will ruin the mission due to being an inexperienced field agent. Ford loses his grip, causing him to falls into the lake ocean, leaving Susan to confront De Luca in the helicopter alone. As the two grow older, they become estranged, and Maleficent becomes protector of the Moors.

But before he can kill her, Aurora frees Maleficent’s wings from his chamber where they fly back to her and reattach themselves. Fine kills Tihomir Boyanov after he sneezes without first finding a suitcase nuke whose location is known only to Boyanov. The next morning, Susan sees an assassin working for De Luca, and one of his contacts, exchanging Ford’s bag for one with a bomb inside it. After Nancy and Aldo arrive in a helicopter and help Susan kill De Luca, Crocker shows up to recover the device. Amid the gathering tossed for respecting her first visitors, Ahana meets Kunal Anand (Imran Abbas Naqvi), a writer and they get pulled in to one another.
When King Henry (Kenneth Cranham) tries to conquer the Moors, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) commands primeval forces and makes him retreat. Devastated by Stefan’s betrayal, she declares herself Queen of the Moors, turning it into a dark and oppressive realm with her outfit changing as well. Aurora later meets a young prince named Phillip (Brenton Thwaites), and the two fall instantly in love. Maleficent overpowers Stefan who pursues her to the top of a tower, but she cannot bring herself to kill him. After being shot at in the street, Susan orders Nancy to get Rayna to safety while she pursues the shooter’s vehicle. Eventually, Susan accompanies Rayna and Fine at De Luca’s mansion while posing as a double agent. Following day, Next night, the cook is snared by the animal into a store room and gets killed. The film happens in the nineteenth Century British India and is the tale of the battle for autonomy from the British between 1825 to 1875. Fatally wounded in battle, he declares that whoever kills Maleficent will be named his successor and will marry Princess Leila, his only daughter. Diaval (Sam Riley), a raven she has saved and to whom she sometimes gives human or other form, acts as her wings, spy, and confidant. He sends his army to find and kill Maleficent, but she surrounds the Moors with an impenetrable wall of thorns.
Diaval thinks it must be true love and the key to lifting the curse, but Maleficent reveals that this supposed antidote was a mere trick on her part as true love doesn’t exist. Alone in Aurora’s chamber, Maleficent apologizes to Aurora, swears that no harm will come to her, and kisses her forehead. Susan follows De Luca to Rome, where she meets her contact Aldo (Peter Serafinowicz), a suave Italian informant who makes inappropriate advances towards her. The shooter turns out to be CIA double agent Karen Walker (Morena Baccarin), who sold Rayna the names of the agents. Chechen terrorist Solsa Dudaev (Richard Brake) and his men arrive to purchase the device for a suitcase full of diamonds.
After Aldo reveals to Susan that his real name is Albert and he is an MI6 agent, he invites her to dinner should they ever cross paths in London, which Susan accepts.
Kunal chooses to help Ahana and summons his sharp shooter companions, accepting that the killings is consequence of a man-eater jaguar.
Meanwhile, King Stefan, obsessed with killing Maleficent, sits in his castle and refuses to see his wife, Queen Leila, who is on her deathbed. On the day before Aurora’s 16th birthday, Maleficent, hoping to avoid the curse, invites her to live in the Moors. This, to her surprise, breaks the spell, as Maleficent’s motherly concern for Aurora constitutes true love.

Rayna knows the identities of all the agency’s top agents, including Fine and Rick Ford (Jason Statham).
Susan meets Rayna in a casino, prevents Rayna’s assassination, and becomes part of her inner circle.
Susan declines a similar offer from Fine and instead opts for a girls’ night out with Nancy. Taking after morning, Ahana takes sigh of alleviation as the sharp shooters chase down an enormous puma.
At the point when Laxman Singh restrictively allows the British to utilize the port for exchanging purposes, Sangha discovers that the British are taking out gold and gems and getting ammo, and puts a stop to this.
Aurora awakens and forgives Maleficent and they attempt to leave the castle, but Maleficent is trapped in an iron net and attacked by Stefan and his guards. Susan, who is unknown to Rayna, volunteers to become a field agent, and her boss, Elaine Crocker (Allison Janney), agrees.
When they fly in her private plane to Budapest, the steward kills the bodyguard and pilots and tries to kill Rayna, but Susan subdues him and lands the plane in Budapest. However, De Luca, now in possession of the device and doubting that Dudaev can safely smuggle it into the United States, kills him and his men and keeps the diamonds. The next morning, Susan is shown screaming after waking up amidst empty champagne bottles, realizing that she has slept with Ford. In the long run sentiment climaxes in the middle of Ahana and Kunal and they wind up consummating their sentimental relationship. De Luca intends to sell the device to someone who can transport it to New York City within a week.
After a couple of serene days, the animal breaks into the lodging and kills two business accomplices first.At the point when Ahana appears to check, she ends up remaining before a ten feet long animal with legs and tail of a dinosaur, abdominal area and a nose-less leader of a human and layered skin of a reptile.
As De Luca is about to kill Rayna, Ford appears and distracts him, allowing Susan to save Rayna’s life again. Sentenced to death, he escapes and structures a gathering of progressives who have stand out objective – to drive the British out of India. Just as Susan is about to arrest Lia, she is fatally stabbed in the chest by an unknown assailant, who turns out to be Bradley Fine. This gathering increases into a few armed forces, all united with one motto – an Independent India, otherwise called Kranti. Susan is captured and is told that Fine faked his death so he could become Rayna’s lover. Luckily, Professor Sadanand (Mukul Dev), who drives away the animal with a smoldering log, making it escape. Next morning, the harmed visitors and rest of inn staff get expelled by police and medicinal group. Teacher tells Ahana and Kunal that the animal is a Brahmarakshas, a man-consuming mutant which is result Lord Brahma, the Hindu lord of creation reviling vile race of evil presences to turn into a satanic animals with no salvation, endlessly sentenced to meander on earth and endure. He tells that Brahmarakshasas still slink in thick woodlands of India, however claims of their locating is as important as sightings of Ufos.

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