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Macromedia Flash MP3 Music PlayerThis flash music player can play up to 25 of your favorite mp3’s continuously. Website MP3 player – DNeX FMP256This unique Flash application lets you put a fast, small and reliable playlist-driven MP3 player on your website. Only learning.All The vector mentioned are the property of their respective owners, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. Everyone love music because it acts as an impressive source of entertainment as well as relaxation.
153 Comments AdvertisementFor one reason or another, a lot of designers use Music Players on their website. It’s an open source Music player which can be customized and integrated you’re your websites easily. Flowplayer can automatically load the audio plugin when it encounters a clip whose file name ends with MP3 or mp3. Silverlight Audio PlayerSilverlight Audio Player is a simple audio player that can be used for playing back one or more audio files. MP3 players are pocket-sized electronic devices that have ability to store, play music and other sound files. Online Music players offer you flexibility and creativity in building your own Jukebox on your Web spaces the way you want. Podsnack Music Players PodSnack is a music playlist maker that allows you to create custom players. It will match your website because you can customize the music player using html color codes.
You can add an unlimited number of songs and arrange them how you wish by the album title, artist’s name or year; it’s totally up to you!

WordPress Audio PlayerAudio Player is a highly configurable but simple mp3 player for all your audio needs. Everything from a simple music system to an iPod can be totally placed on your Website or Blog.Nowadays, there are over hundred thousands of music related resources available on the web. Flash MP3 PlayerFlash MP3 Player is a free application that allows you to play music on your website easy and fast. Website Music PlayerEasily add music to your Web site with this advanced flash mp3 player and stream your music with style. MP3 player is a gadget, which is small in size and pretty easy and portable to carry around anywhere you want to go. Instead of spending time on researching for the ones you needed, we pick the some of the best website music player options freely available to use. Once you have those, you can load the Silverlight application in the same way you would any other. XSPF Web PlayerIf you got webhosting server that has little space, and cannot store tracks online. Just embed it into your website and player will automatically scan a specified folder and form a playlist.
Simply upload your Mp3s to the MP3 directory and the songs are automatically added to the playlist. Remember to set up the size appropriately, and pass in the MP3 file Url or Playlist Url in the Initparams (see below). Than this is the right type of music player which is just like a flash player which can be embedded into your web pages and which reads mp3 files via HTTP anywhere on the internet. So, let’s start with this compilation that every web developer, designer and freelancer should consider.
XSPF Web Music PlayerXSPF Web Music Player is a flash-based web application that uses xspf playlist format to play mp3 songs.
Features include collapsible playlist, graphic equalizer, volume control, song position slider, percentage of song loaded display, reliable buffering and song control buttons (previous song, play, pause, stop, and next song).
In this Post you can find your choice of free music player with all the necessary details.01. FLAMPlayerFLAMPlayer is an mp3 player built in Flash, and so, it can be embedded in an Html page.

A playlist is an XML file containing the Url, Artist and Title for each track you wish to play. Must-have for podcasters or anyone who wants to allow blog visitors to play mp3 files on the website itself.Official Link Download Plugin17. It downloads and plays the mp3 file when the play button is pressed.It is under Creative Commons license. In their own words “Deactivate that lame Flash player and install a plugin that makes you proud to embed mp3s. Wimpy MP3 PlayerWimpy streaming audio mp3 player is the easiest way to present streaming audio content on your web page or web server. Wimpy makes streaming audio from your Web site a snap — without having to install cumbersome streaming server software. They are categorized under three categories- hard drive based players, micro hard drive based players and flash based players.
Reply Jordan Walker February 11, 2010I would have the volume set to max, pumping out Lady Gaga!!
Is it easy for a client with no WordPress knowledge to update?hmm….any feedback would be appreciated!
Reply Gil September 4, 2010I am trying to allow people to listen to some example mp3s on my wwebsite, Gsstudios but seem to be having a problem finding the right player. I thank you for your article but found that when I visited some of the sites, they were not free. Reply Vijay December 20, 2010superb selection of players Reply Nice Photo Gallery December 25, 2010Great list.
Reply asala nasri January 15, 2011I hope the next post about a video player with playlists Reply leo January 31, 2011i try so Many of these plugin for my site to play mp3 files with Hebrew extensions – as a direct link player!
Reply Claus Marcuslund March 13, 2011I’m on the search for a suitable music player for my website and came across this article.

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