For the bangle of the month, the Alex and Ani promotion features the Four Leaf Clover bangle in honor of St. Did I say this month was going to be busy or what?  I hope you’re ready for all the excitement!  Which release(s) are you looking forward to the most?  What’s at the top of your wishlist? Have you heard anything about whether the Pandora club charm will count towards the March bracelet promo?

When you use our MAX bonus code, you get a 5% discount on your first purchase.All of the games reward you with ‘experience’ and the more you play, the higher your rank and achievement status. Slot Play has a buy-in of $250, Party gives you a $5,000 buy-in, the Black Tie level has a $5,000 buy-in and the highest level is Pharaoh with a $1 million buy-in.Roulette offers four table types with buy-ins ranging from $250 to $5,000.

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