My Journey to Create the Most Usable Keyword Research Tool, Long Tail Pro, and a special discount on it for you!
Learn the Best Subreddits that allowed us to get 10,000 pageviews in less than 2 weeks from Reddit! Since I started this blog, and began sharing some of my successes from building niche websites, I have been constantly asked if I offer any sort of coaching or training program.  The answer has always been no.  Well, not anymore! For those who purchase Long Tail Pro, I am now offering an in depth video training on how to build niche websites, step by step, as a free bonus offer!  This is over an hour of high quality information that reveals my exact business strategy.  I also dive into the best tips for using Long Tail Pro to uncover profitable keywords.
Thanks for this video Spencer, I’ve watched it and helped me look for my upcoming niche projects.
I am new to internet marketing and SEO – been studying this stuff for the past three months or so.
Does the training go into which themes work well with niche sites and also the best plugins and their configuration? Hey Dean – as explained above, I do go into detail about ad placement including live examples of a few different sites. Yes, there are some new nuggets of information on the videos including ad placement examples, etc.
I have watched the video and it is the clearest approach to how to build niche sites that I have seen. As you know, I have been using LTP for a bit now, and I continue to be impressed with your product. Thanks for your continued support and efforts, providing your followers with great products, great content, and great support!

Currently it only checks in the US – but thanks for the suggestion, I will have to consider adding the ability to check in other google versions. Related to that comment, you might want to consider developing a version of your videos specifically for outsourced staff. Just wanted to drop by and say that I received the video since I bought LTP and think it’s worth the price of LTP alone. I follow several blogs and nothing has been more clear or revealed more specific and relevant information on how to create a niche site than what was in Spencer’s video.
I am up to my 6th niche site after buying LTP 3 weeks ago and although my sites are not ranked yet, a handful of people have found my sites already through various search terms and I’ve seen my first clicks come through adsense already!
Thanks, I just watched the video, very detailed on the keyword selection, I realized I made many mistakes before. I think it’s fairly well know that Yahoo is not updating the information for much longer and I believe that the data is already out of date. I was wondering if you plan to integrate another service, such as Majestic, to make sure that the back link information remains as current as possible? The only thing which seems to be missing is the number of pages a site has in the competition data.
Which brings up the question: Do you actually look at number of pages a site has when determining competition strength? Limited Spots on 60% Discount for Lifetime VIP reOpened!!!So you just pay $39 (Regular $97) for LIFETIME Membership.
The bonus will come in the zip file with the software when you make your purchase.  Simply open the file and watch the video.

Before I buy I would like to know how often you update and what kind of support is offered with Long Tail Pro to keep up with G’s algo changes? I couple of days ago I came across your site while reading up on keyword analysis and needless to say I am hooked. The search volumes that you specified, does it apply to websites that intend to monetize via adsense only or by other other means too (say affiliate programs)? I recently received the e-mail containing the link to the LTP training course that you are now including as a bonus offer on all new purchases of LTP. I can’t wait to get my staff in the Philippines to watch the videos and start building out my sites! But I want to add to my Adsense revenue (currently at ~$2k per month), so I’d love a set of videos that are step-by-step and that I can just point my virtual staff to. It shows all the rookie mistakes and how to analyse the competition (the most useful aspect in my opinion).
I must congratulate you on your superb site and the refreshing honesty with which you have shared your experience. I will be buying Long Tail Pro shortly, but meanwhile could you suggest a good starting point for building the website?

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