Stanford Engineering professors are setting out to add a new level of interactivity to online education by offering three of the university's most popular computer science classes for free. Computer Science professor Andrew Ng uses tablet-recording technology he developed to instantly display notes for his interactive video lecture. Stanford Engineering professors are offering three of the school’s most popular computer science courses for free online this fall, and at the same time launching an experiment that could transform the way online education is delivered. The professors are taking technologies designed to enhance learning for Stanford students and extending them to a broad online audience.
The professors also hope to extend the benefits of Stanford-style education to those who lack access. Students in the free courses are expected to read course materials, complete assignments and take quizzes and an exam.
The online courses build on recent innovations by Stanford professors to increase interaction with students. She incorporated questions and quizzes into the videos to keep students thinking about the material and help them learn more effectively. ALISON CEO Mike Feerick joined a lively TV-style panel discussion on the future of education, when he met with leading academics and teachers at Melbourne’s RMIT University in December. As part of its mission to offer free education to all, ALISON has launched two new free online courses – one in the area of nutrition and the other in the Spanish language.
We’re delighted to announce that the latest ALISON Learner of the Week is Victor Adenle from Doha in Qatar!

We are delighted to welcome our newest ALISON Learner of the Week, Tafadzwa Mvindi from Zimbabwe! FAMSA, the Pan-African Medical Students organization has helped launch a free course on understanding the EBOLA virus and how to avoid getting it.
This year’s Irish Leaving Certificate students don’t need to wait until August to find out how their 2014 Maths exams went.
The Leaving Certificate Maths Exam Solutions have been prepared as part of the development of ALISON’s free maths resources called ALISON Maths Hub for Irish Leaving Certificate, Junior Certificate, and Foundation level maths for Third Level. In February, ALISON’s resources for the Leaving Certificate Project Maths curriculum were officially launched by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny. They are delivering lectures as short, interactive video clips that allow students to progress at their own pace through course materials.
Already more than 58,000 people have expressed interest in the artificial intelligence course taught by Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford research professor of computer science and a Google Fellow, and Google Director of Research Peter Norvig. Thrun said online students should expect to devote at least 12 hours a week to the artificial intelligence course, just as Stanford students do. She recorded lectures as short videos for students to watch online and used class time to solve problems, host guest lecturers from the technology industry and review material students found difficult.
Mike visited RMIT – a global university of technology and design – as part of a series of speaking engagements in Australia. Whether you’re looking for a new career path, or to boost your use of web-based technology, knowing a programming language is an invaluable skill.

Victor earned his Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health, one of ALISON’s most popular and sought-after courses. Tafadzwa earned his Certificate in Microsoft Digital Literacy  - IT Basics, Internet and Productivity Programs. Entitled “Comprendre le virus Ebola et comment l’eviter”, the course is aimed at French-Speaking residents of the hardest hit West African countries.
Christian is one of more than 10,000 ALISON learners in West Africa who have certified in this course. These free resources were followed by similar offerings for the Junior Certificate curriculum and Third Level Foundation courses.
Operations management is of central importance to any organisation, whether they are manufacturing companies producing physical products or organisations offering services, or whether the organisation is in the private, public or voluntary sectors. The detailed, easy-to-follow solutions have been prepared by Project Maths experts and the ALISON Maths Hub team. ALISON Maths Hub partners include Macmillan Science & Education, the Galway Education Centre, the Athenry Maths Academy and Engineers Ireland.

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