However, just a few years ago, the prospect of being in a gay establishment, especially a bar or club, was unfathomable. From summer programs, after-school activities, and extra long hours of tutoring, I lived and breathed school. Throughout college I was very involved with numerous extracurricular activities and community service projects.
My first gay club experience must’ve been the most uncomfortable situation I’d ever been subjected to. As I look back on my journey of self-acceptance and exploration, I know these experiences helped mold me into the person I am today. To be honest with you our families are very supportive, they love us and the are all coming to celebrate our wedding with us. It’s so refreshing to come up with such pieces that are able to narrate the journey of an African gay man.
I love guys like you you accuse others of things to make yourself feel superior if someone only dates a certain race you have a problem with that! When it comes to online dating, South Africa seems to be two countries in one, a bit like the two countries it was in the Apartheid era with the black population shunning online dating while the white population embraced it wholeheartedly. The composition of South African dating community however does not seem to affect the growth of online dating industry. Dating Site Rating has reviews some of South Africa’s leading online dating sites, you can find link to some of them on this page.
Unable to keep the charades up, I decided to come clean and disclose the origin of my accent. I recall being eternally horny and spending, what seemed like all my time, either doing homework or masturbating.
Getting accepted to a prestigious university with a full-ride scholarship was the icing on the cake. While I had urges to be sexual with guys, browsing through Xtube once in a while did the trick. Cheap decorations and old curtains hung from the dark walls of this obscure spot on the other side of town.
The days of being mindful about the questionable swish in my walk or impeccable fashion sense are long gone.

If so, you need to go outside more often and check the sign for night club or insane asylum and recommend they go see someone. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a few gay Africans and their stories just resonate with mine so much. The media is full of misrepresentation of who we are and our lifestyle,what excites me about these articles is that over time the young black african gay men have shaped our community and perceptions out there have been changed and those who haven’t are just poor ignorant souls!
I feel as though the more independent I get, the less I care about people’s perception of me. This divide is noticeable in online dating profiles you see on South African dating sites with the majority of members being from the minority white population. South Africa has a several thriving dating sites in every popular niche you can think of, ranging from the traditional long term relationship websites to naughty dating sites that specialise in casual dating such as Very Naughty SA .
They didn’t try to do anything extraordinary, and not doing much atimes may just be perfect!
As with all online dating, we advise that you proceed with caution in finding love so you don’t fall prey. As the conversation progressed, I slowly came to the realization that the Operation Find a Boyfriend was becoming a failed mission.
Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, I grew up with very limited resources and opportunities.
I fantasized heavily about boys, but was certain I would go to hell for harboring such carnal thoughts. It meant obtaining the best education in the world, living a somewhat comfortable life and being a part of a society that was much less hostile to homosexuals. It appeared that channeling my pent-up sexual frustration into schoolwork had finally paid off.
I am an educated, humorous, sexy, African gay male and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The conflict between religious beliefs and sexual orientation is especially complicated in the context of African homosexuality.
Being Nigerian and born in a religious family that is so strict and wants to dictate your life does not make things very easy.
The moment he asked how far away I lived was the sign and the constant rubbing of my back was the signal.

Growing up in an extremely strict Christian household created quite a paradoxical situation because I was gay. I would contrive images of thugged out, muscled up dudes rubbing themselves against my slender body as I trembled in excitement. My parents made sure my main focus was solely on my academic pursuits and attending college.
Discovering Craigslist, Adam4Adam, BGCLive, and the other infamous hookup sites opened up Pandora’s box. I will continue holding on and i hope that I will get to embark more on a journey of self-discovery since I have graduated from college. The downward spiral of our conversation was all too familiar: boy meets boy, boy likes boy, boy hears more, boy flees the scene. The ease of exchanging stats one moment and getting pounded 30 minutes later seemed so exhilarating.
I hope to meet more gay Africans (or just gays in general) that deal with the same things and we can support one another.
Unwilling to carry on the dialogue, I bid my farewell and exited the bar to my humble abode. Whether it was getting an erection from gazing at boys a little too long or prancing around in my mother’s high heels when she wasn’t home, I knew something was off.
All of these questions ran through my head as I tried to keep calm and not get a hard-on.I finally calmed my tits after a few drinks and decided to play the part of an observer rather than a critic. After subsequent visits, I came to appreciate- more like tolerate- the gay club culture and what it had to offer.
My reality, at the time, was that being gay and African were two things that simply couldn’t coexist. Upon graduating from college and moving on to graduate school, I decide to venture out into the gay bar and club scene, which brings us full circle to where the story began.

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