If you don't usually have a Gold membership then you best take this opportunity to get some deals on the Xbox Games Store that were announced earlier this week, or get in on the action in World of Tanks.
Later this year Sony and Microsoft will release the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. While both consoles are still a few months out, there’s already a lot of information out there about both.
Thankfully, a month after E3 there is quite a bit of information available for both consoles. While both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will function as media boxes, the biggest reasons to buy either are the games. Xbox One exclusive launch titles include Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5 and the free-to-play Killer Instinct.
Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 3 will also have a number of multi platform games available at launch. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will both make use of the online services available on current consoles. The PlayStation 4 will require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play games online, which costs gamers $50 each year.
Microsoft’s Xbox One will use Xbox Live for online multiplayer, which costs $60 per year. Sony and Microsoft will include new social aspects beyond just their respective online services. The PlayStation 4 will let gamers stream their games to their friends on PlayStation Network or to anyone around the world using UStream.
Microsoft will include a new Game DVR feature in the Xbox One which will let gamers edit and share clips of their best gaming moments with the world.
This generation game companies toyed with the idea of expanding games beyond the TV to smartphones and tablets, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will take that to the next level. Sony will release a special PlayStation App for iPhone and Android devices that will let gamers communicate with their PSN friends from anywhere.
Sorry you didn’t forget, you were listing main titles, and I admit that dcuo is a bit old, but warframe probably should have got a mention. On another subject: Interestingly, I cant seem to find anyone who has noticed that SONY have confirmed the possibility of keyboard support. The modified  consoles can be used to play pirated games, and it looks like as many as 600,000 Xbox 360 owners have been banned from the Xbox Live service, out of its 20 million users. Xbox 360 owners who were using a modified console no longer have access to Xbox Live, and they will not be able to play any online games with the modded console.
Although it seems that thier Xbox Live account still works and it is only the modded consoles that have been banned.
So it looks like a lot of Xbox Live players will have to purchase a new console from Microsoft if they want to continue using Xbox Live. Although it is against the TOS and I don’t mod myself I see this as Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot. Microsoft states in theirs terms that you will not modify your xbox because you would have the ability to make pirated copies. I mean XBOX live gives back info of wht kind that allows microsoft to know if somebody has a modded console?
So to be clear, if I have my xbox modded, it would allow me toplay NTSC games on my pal unit as well as copied discs, like ones bought in Thailand for example? They should make it so that you can back up a game if you enter in a unique product key and register it on the internet. Well come time for next gen consoles consumers will just go to the company that DOESN’T ban them.

Lastly, even if you bought a game 100% legit are you going to complain if your getting a constant good amount of people playing online? Hey I want to know what will be with xbox 360 in Xbox live.You say that xbox account will be baned but i want to know what will be with my xbox 360 will it be baned or no?
OH NO 2 YEARS AGO I GOT AN XBOX AND I WAS AT FOOTBALL I CAME HOME XBOX GONE I ASKED MY MUM SHE SAID ITS AT YOUR UNCLES GETTING CHIPPED I WAS YOUNG AND DID NOT KNOW WHAT THAT MENT AND IN 4 DAYS ON CHRISTMAS IM GETTIN X BOX LIVE!!!!!! However the catch here is that not all the sections of the games you can play online is free, there are only few stages etc that can be played and for rest of things you need to buy them, download to PC and play it using the unpopular Microsoft games section on your windows which might start getting a breather soon. What is interesting to notice that these games have advertisements right below the section where you play and you also get adverts before it starts loading. Apart from this you have options to buy the game and download it to your PC, See who else is playing the same game and see their games.
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Games With Gold subscribers are going to get more than their daily dose of video game medicine as Microsoft announced a total of five free games to be available this June.
Microsoft’s online game delivery platform, the Xbox Live, launched the Games With Gold service which allows paying subscribers to enjoy a number of free games every month. For its initial offering to Xbox One Games With Gold subscribers, a recently released game called Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will be downloadable during the first half of June.
For the month of June, Xbox Live added a bonus game for the Xbox 360 subscribers of Games With Gold.
The Games With Gold program works a little differently for subscribers of the two consoles.
With pre-orders starting to run dry, now’s the time to decide which console is right for you. Here’s a breakdown of how the consoles compare in terms of services based on what we know about them so far. Both consoles promise at least a dozen exclusives in the first year, but only a few of those will make it to launch. The lineup includes something for a range of gamers including fans of shooters, platformers and racing games. The console will also have Twitch TV support so gamers can stream their games online for all to see. The app will also let them buy games for their console no matter where they are, watch game streams, and interact with games when they’re at home. Remote play will let gamers stream their PS4 games to the Vita as long as they’re on the same Wi-Fi network.
The next generation of Smart Glass will provide more information to players in real-time and can add more to games than it currently does. The PlayStation 4 is more powerful on paper and costs $100 less at launch, while the Xbox One has some unique cloud features. However the Xbox one is what I will be playing bcuz my experience on Xbox and live has been much better than PS.. And am slightly biased on the PlayStation but no other reason than it is what I grew up on not because I think one is better than the other, possible( Xbox being better). I was going to get ps4 until I just found out that the games aint backwards compatible like it was originally planned. I have a legal right to make backups of my games , which I purchased, in order to protect my investment and my 360 has to be modded to play the backup disks.I have young children in the house and you try and keep a disk clean and scratch free in a house with kids.
I am preety damn sure no one agreed on having softwre on his console that actually dedtects hardware changes or god knows what else? This is important because the 360 has a major design flaw that can cause discs to gain a circular scatch along the outer rim making the disc unusable if its in use for too long before turning off the console- yes, forgetting to turn off the console can cause damage to your disc if you are the unlucky guy with one (this has happened to me, with games that work perfectly when I put them in, but later get a scratch, despite the fact that I have not taken out the disc since, and hence it must be the console.

When you can mod your PS3 to backup your games (which will lead to piracy) sony will do exactly the same thing. They produce a product under a specific terms of use policy, which every XBOX LIVE user must agree to in order to participate in their online gaming community.
He Owns a Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 550, Lumia 1020 & BLU WIN HD LTE and have used all the Lumia Phones and Non Lumia Phones as well.
Xbox 360 players will be enjoying titles such as Dark Souls, Charlie Murder, and a bonus game called Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. This promo has been started in the previous year for the Xbox 360 and will provide the same service for Xbox One owners starting this June upon registration.
This action-adventure strategy game was out this past December and carries a price tag of $ 14.99 if sold separately.
The third game will be Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition and is slated to be offered during the latter half of June. Xbox One subscribers will only have access to the games they downloaded through the program as long as they are Xbox Live Gold members. This means all online multiplayer and entertainment apps which usually require an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be free to access.
The games will all make use of the console’s mandatory Kinect sensor, adding a new dimension to each.
Early PS4 adopters with PlayStation Plus will get Drive Club PS Plus Edition for free as a way to start off their game collection. For example, the cloud will store driver data for Forza 5 gamers and create Drivatars which will replace the default AI in their friend’s games with racers that race just like them. Not every game will use Smart Glass, but Microsoft has shown that games like Ryse will use it in unique and interesting ways. That being said, from the information that I’ve gathered I feel PlayStation is just a better deal . For the second half of June, Xbox One subscribers are going to have their free time occupied as they are entitled to download Halo: Spartan Assault for free. For those with Xbox 360, the policy will be the same – they can continue to play their games even after dropping their membership. The easiest way to decide is to figure out which exclusives you want more, or simply which controller you want to hold while you play Watch Dogs. I had both xbox n ps and I will admit that sony has better games but the 360 has more games. Fortunatly, the discs were still repairable at blockbuster’s disc repair machine however, if the console is upright the scratch happens faster and deeper and can quickly become unrepairable. Xbox is dumb all it makes us do when we get banned is buy and switch internals and return 2 walmart lol. This is a top-down shooter game in which players are able to control their Spartans and battle with enemies.
And with the price of PS plus n the console itself on top of better specs I feel that its a obvious choice of superiority. Typically priced at $ 9.99, it is a side scrolling game where players need to control the titular punk rock band to rival a death metal band called Gore Quaffer and its evil followers. But I’m not sold , you never can tell on things , could suffer from tons of problems like the infamous red ring of death, or user interface could be a nightmare.
So I may shy away until all the newer systems been out a year first so all the kinks n issues they may have should be out the way.

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