WHY: Probably because people aren't buying enough Papa John's online, so they're using the Super Bowl as an excuse to get you to order pizza before you watch their spokesman Peyton Manning get crushed by the Panthers defense.
This year, Papa John's is giving fans extra incentive to make them their go-to option for Super Bowl parties.
Schnatter opened up the first Papa John's Pizza restaurant in 1984 and since then his company has grown into a fast food powerhouse in both the marketing world and food sales.
Papa John's is also rolling out a new "Double Cheeseburger" pizza this week and Papa told me their next plan is to find out what is Peyton's favorite pizza and toppings are so they can debut a "Peyton Manning special" next.

Jon Heath is an aspiring sports journalist who covers sporting events and professional sports teams through social media and beat coverage.
To enter, all you must do is visit the Papa Johns website and correctly guess whether the coin toss at Super Bowl XLVII will be heads or tails. After landing a deal with the NFL in 2010, Papa John's is now heavily affiliated with football—you can count on seeing multiple Papa John's commercials run on FOX this weekend during the Super Bowl.
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Voting ends at midnight tonight and those who take advantage of voting today can receive 50 percent off their order on Saturday. There are few things that go together better than pizza and football and Papa Johns knows this better than anyone else.

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