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Printable hidden pictures teach spanish vocabulary, Highlights printable hidden picture activities website. As we all know search is fiendishly hard to do and is run by all seeing all knowing algorithms which are as close to deities as is reasonably possible given current limitations. I was watching the wires this morning catching up on the comings and goings of our space after a barely earned Thanksgiving break. To use PR news services you have to register with contact and payment info…so in theory it should be easy to track down the smoking gun for this story. Google is a monopoly in terms of overall search traffic and especially in terms of the crucial commercial search market.
Back in the day I was mostly involved in the web search side of the business but I did get involved in the corporate side too and was keenly aware of the competition.
Today I read that HP has just written off $8.8 Billion of the $10 Billion they paid for Autonomy alleging accounting irregularities. A few years back I saw a demographic transition from the hacker-nerd mix of the early days to a more traditional mix of web guys and mainstream marketers. I have been as Search Engine Strategies in Chicago for the past couple of days and I’ll have some specific search items to report later but for now I have been struck by how small we are as an industry. Search is important, anyone still harboring any doubt need do nothing more than look at some of the bubbling and breaking search stories circling this week.
29 is national puzzles day and some of the most enjoyable puzzle games are hidden pictures, like those in highlights magazine. Given my dislike of people and social situations in general that’s not entirely surprising. Their paradigm is to index the LinkedIn, Facebook and other social platforms so that users can search not for people they do know, rather it lets users specify the parameters of people they would like to connect with and approach them through the platform. Recent years have seen the launch of several other platforms which set out on the premise that it would be neat to be able to track down people you don’t actually know who may be nearby with similar interests but discovered that technology enabled stalking was problematic and have morphed into ways to track down people you do know instead. It’s that dedication to anonymous selection which lets the search engines fend of constant assaults over censorship, monopoly and privacy such as they are experiencing in the EU and US currently. We in search have known for a good while that a measurably large number of important search results are most likely either hand crafted or at least carefully vetted and guarded against assault by the over enthusiastic or unscrupulous. The story which jumped out was the announced purchase by Google of ICOA which is a large Hot Spot company which specializes in supplying WiFi access in high traffic areas like airports. The government has spent a hefty chunk of our tax dollars to see whether Google is a monopoly which acts against the interests of the market. At the time I was doing biz dev for FAST Search and Transfer…an amazingly talented bunch of Norwegian and US search guys.

Mobile makes life harder because although it delivers fabulous location information it does it on relatively tiny screens with much less real estate to target and apps have exploded and are taking users away from engaging with browsers and make content harder to get at from the search engines point of view. The search business is worth about 50-60 Bn this year with the bulk of that revenue for what is effectively a media buy going to Google, Yahoo and Bing. Clearly several parts of the EU hate, hate, HATE Google and all its works…and unsurprisingly the French are leading the charge.
Back in August an anti virus company Qihoo 360 launched a search on the back of the enormous exposure they already have through their antivirus products. The story had a solid ring of authenticity about it as Google has sponsored access in the past (I remember they did a very welcome deal last Holiday season where travelers through most major airports got free WiFi for a month or so). I checked the Google stock quote and during the period of the fake release the stock moved only a couple of bucks, but ICOA which is a penny stock on the PINK exchange was up 200% on a huge trading spike.
However they are the fulcrum of a huge amount of the new economy so to have them favor their own projects and harm the competition could be a problem. We sold web search to websites (our competitors were companies like Alta Vista, Inktomi and an upstart with a goofy name you have probably never heard of called Google).
Autonomy grew large and swallowed up other tech services such as Iron Mountain data storage and Interwoven content management. It was a couple of dozen hackers and spammers getting together to tell war stories and discuss strategies to get their clients to rank on search (by all and any means possible). Along with the continued fragmentation of traditional media the explosion of online channels and the data they generate is making the typical marketers head explode.
To make matters worth the kinds of people who do have the technical, stats and marketing mix needed to wrestle this mess to the ground are both few and far between and highly sought after …and retirement is still a long way off for most of the folk currently in it. In dollar terms that’s more than is spent on Magazines and Newspapers put together in the US. I have commented on this battle a couple of times recently, for a while media owners have been railing against Google taking their content for free and monetizing it by serving ads on results sets. This pretty much overnight captured 10% of market share (is anyone at McAfee taking notes?). So it rather looks like Google and ICOA were the victims of a stock sting…and the chances are someone is going to jail. What I found rather distasteful was the spectacle of Silicon Valley Congress people writing to the FTC suggesting that they back their tanks off Google lawn lest their actions harm the economy….really?
They had what they called an Intelligent Data Layer which mobilized and wrapped data to make it intelligently searchable.  We went up against them many times and we won lots of the battles. The search business has roughly 8 major trade shows per year scattered through the big cities.
In a very French way they want the government to levy a news tax on Google and in return Google is threatening to stop indexing all French content.
In the time it took to read the denial it had spread all over the world being picked up and republished in at least six languages and dozens of online publications.

The problem then (and now) is that enterprise data lives in all kinds of systems and formats and it’s really hard to manage it at scale. The weird thing was that even though I did manage to sneak into a few actual demos I never saw the product work and I never spoke to a client who was using it successfully…or at all. This created the illusion of a massively successful and wide spread search company as opposed to a data storage company which gives away a phony baloney (allegedly) vaporware search product.
Search is now a multi-billion dollar industry which is being driven up half crazy by the explosion of social and mobile. Google boss Eric Schmidt met with the French government and a bunch of EU publishers to discuss this issue this week. For example; imagine you are a home improvement mega store with 1,000 outlets, 100,000 employees and 200 product depots. I always figured that I just wasn’t close enough to the battle to see all the use cases and I was out of Enterprise Search completely in 2004 so I rather lost track of the plot. End users are abandoning the desktop for mobile devices and spend as much time interacting with apps as they do clicking on browsers. SES Chicago is one of the larger shows and at a reasonable guess there are about 1,000 attendees with another hundred or so folks working the dozen or so booths in a small exhibit. It strikes me that rather than escalate to an all out war the French publishers might do what the Brazilian ones did a few months back. There have been multiple cases lately where some pretty damaging stories have been circulating anonymously about some major Chinese political figures. If Facebook cuts a deal with Yahoo, Siri continues to grow, Amazon continues to establish mastery of shopping search and we continue our dash to mobile there will be ample opportunity for Google to step up or others to step in. Keeping track of the people, product info, inventory sales and shipping across all the different systems involved is a nightmare. They effectively blocked Google from indexing their content…if searchers want new content they are forced to go to the publisher’s sites and enjoy the ads displayed on the publisher instead of the ads displayed by Google.
If the Brazilian publishers are to be believed this change had only a minimal impact in over all traffic…so maybe the French should try that out and see if it works for them too. At the time FAST was developing and selling systems which do just that…they were subsequently bought by Microsoft to its Enterprise Search component, but that was long after my time.
Obviously it’s a massive over simplification but how many people work for the 2,000 significant magazines and 1,200 daily and 5,000 weekly newspapers I wonder.

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