Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is a free software that allows you to view presentations made on Microsoft Office 97 and its later versions. I would like to mention here that the website says that LittlePTT can open PPTX files also, as well as it lets you save and edit PowerPoint files.
Apart from opening and displaying PowerPoint files, LittlePPT allows to Zoom In and Zoom Out slides.
Kingsoft Presentation 2012 is not that big in size(just 37MB), and it works great to match all the features of Microsoft’s official PowerPoint application. TweetScoop.itZoho Sheets is a free online service that you can use to create and edit spreadsheets. Zoho Sheets lets you open Excel files online easily and you can import the existing Excel spreadsheets including all rich information like formulas, charts, etc. Now, look for the Upload button and here you can specify the path to your Excel file (xls or xlsx file formats).
Notice that url parameter should be changed to the url where you have the Excel spreadsheet publicly available and name value will be changed by the name you want to use for the spreadsheet. There is even an example that shows what happens when you do not have your gearing ratios correctly aligned.. Acoolsoft free PowerPoint template is designed to help your make wonderful PowerPoint presentation. The application gets open in full screen mode; it doesn’t have any specific user interface.

It supports all PowerPoint document formats including PPT and PPTX, Rich text format (TXT), as well as text file format (TXT). Although the program supports opening files in wide variety of formats, however, it hampers the quality of the presentation a little bit. It’s a simple and lightweight program (size just 1.6 MB), which allow users to easily open and view PowerPoint presentations. The interface is almost similar to that of Microsoft PowerPoint, which gives a feel of working with the traditional PowerPoint application. Though it’s a powerful editor, it can still be used as a Viewer application because of its small size and free availability.
This is part of the Zoho suite of programs and it is a free alternative to other spreadsheets including the popular MS Office Excel.
When you launch the app, it opens a window, which asks you to select the PowerPoint file you want to view. And since it’s a Microsoft product, it open files without hampering the quality even a bit.
This free PowerPoint Viewer works with almost all Windows versions (in both 32 and 64-bit formats) and is available in 7 different languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, and Japanese. This free PowerPoint Viewer provides a user-friendly interface, though it doesn’t supports opening files in latest PowerPoint formats.
For example, if we have an important report that we want to share with colleagues that do not have Office installed, then we can share the link to the Zoho Sheets version.

For PowerPoint decks you will see a left-hand navigation column for opening specific slides, while Excel documents include cell and row numbers.
They support almost all PowerPoint file formats, and allows you to conveniently and quickly view PowerPoint files on your system. You can the, simply choose the desired file to open.  It can open any kind of PowerPoint presentations and allow you to view them in full screen. It would have been better if the developer had revised the application to make it compatible with all available PowerPoint formats. Category you want to view and templates that you want to be able to download the presentation as appropriate to your project. So if you don’t have to create or edit PowerPoint files, you can simply rely on these free PowerPoint Viewer applications, instead of purchasing the full Microsoft Office suit. Its more like viewing a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, except that you can’t enter the edit mode. This free PowerPoint Viewer is a multi-screen viewer, which allows opening separate PowerPoint documents together, in different screens.

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