I do have Adobe Indesign CS6 for the mac but for some reason I am not able to open any of the Indesign templates on this site.
Hi Terry, you can easily add content on any of these folder templates to make your brochure.
Folder mockup templates allow designers the opportunity to share and present their designs without having to spend the time and money to have them printed and photographed. The following selections represent the cream of the crop—the most impressive and unique folder mockup templates available for download. Many of these featured templates allow you to customize your mockup by adding a background texture. Advertise If you are interested to in any kind of advertisement opportunity at Designermag.org to promote your product or services you can contact us to get details.
Previously I shared just one free presentation folder InDesign template, now I’m giving away two more exclusive folder designs.

The fact that they were saved with a PC version of Indesign CS6 might have something to do with this?
When you see a great-looking picture of a presentation folder online, you might not always be looking at an image of an actual presentation folder. In fact, mockup templates for folder designs often produce better-looking results than the real thing because they can employ dramatic angles, high-definition close-ups and other techniques that would be difficult to pull off in real life.
Adding a photorealistic texture (such as wood grain or tile) to your mockup can help it look more like a real photo and less like a computer rendering. It can include, design tips, tutorials, creative showcases, latest trends in tech & fashion industry etc. These two templates has exactly the same specifications as the previous one (3-panel folder with middle flap as business card holder) except of course for the designs and the included vector files. It might be a rendered mockup, created to fool you into thinking it’s a real three dimensional object (when it’s actually just a highly convincing template).

The more realistic your mockup, the more likely it is to impress both present and future clients.
These two designs are perfect if you are looking for a tight budget layout without the need for photos.
It contains mostly text and vector graphics which you can easily modify to suit your design needs. Included on each set are the InDesign source files, InDesign Interchange files (INX), and vector files (Illustrator ai).
Preview of the two folder designs are shown below and download links are provided further down.

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