Mockups let you demonstrate to a client or employer what your design will look like once ita€™s printed and folded into shape. To learn more about advanced yet easy-to-learn techniques for customizing your mockup, read our mockup template editing tutorial. Wea€™ve gathered up some of our favorite background images and textures to use with our folder design mockups. An embossed or debossed design wona€™t look the same in real life as it does within the die cut template you submit to a printer; the design on the die cut template will usually consist of only a simple solid color.

Explore this gallery when you're seeking inspiration for your next design or a talented graphic artist with the experience you need. These PSD templates give you a quick and easy way to turn your design into a realistic folder mockup. Browse over 250 mockup backgrounds ranging from real-world textures like to wood and stone to abstract pools of color.
If you want to show off these types of designs in your mockup, youa€™ll need to get a little creative.

These photos are easy to add to your mockup, simulating the way your design will look when printed on burgundy linen, sandstone felt, or many other materials, making the concept easier to demonstrate to a client or potential employer.
These create a unique accent for your presentation folder mockup, making it much more attractive to an audience.

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