Upbeat and energetic track featuring acoustic sounds and strings, Perfect for any corporate presentation projects, WAV & MP3 Included. You can download these PowerPoint sound clips and music loops to add into your Power Point presentations. These clips are for personal use only and must not be distributed, sold or displayed on the web by anyone other than Presentation Magazine.
Hello , All are were really good how can I get the sounds how can I dwonload please some one help ?

I’m looking for a patriotic mp3 file to add to my PowerPoint presentation to be used on my web site. Your free to use any of my tracks, just let me know and I’ll paste a link to the video you use it in. The list include music themes available as free WAV or MP3 music files from ambience including topics like Whitehall With Big Ben Chiming In Background, Trafalgar Square in London, Bar, Small Busy with R&B Music in Background.
You can also find urban sounds from popular airports and departure launge or kids playing in a park.

All these sounds can be used in any general PowerPoint presentation template for example if you are creating elearning PowerPoint templates or slides. You can download the ambient sound effects for any presentation need including sounds from airport gates and kids playing.

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