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Straight Talk Code Input Instructions: Enter your code in cart after you have picked your phone and the service zip info. I switched to Straight Talk from an ATT contract about a year ago and between two phones, my fiance and I save $100 a month. Another complaint I have is that when I switched service providers, from ATT, it took Straight Talk 23 DAYS to transfer my existing phone number to my brand new Straight Talk phone. All in all, the problems I experienced are uncommon, (Which is how my luck goes!) so I recommend this product to others.
So I'm currently trying to get in touch with the previous owner so I can actually use the phone that they sold me. Im A new customer to straight talk phones but, I live in a town where the reception does not work.
Went on a road trip with some friends recently, and it was a huge eye opener with regards to cell phones.
I am a satified customer but straight talk needs to provide us with a way to transfer our contacts and pics to the new phone.
When I wrote-- "If it is an android phone you can save your contacts to a csv file and import it into your google account.
I do not believe the STRAIGHT TALK service is for people who do not use texting as a means of communication.

Be informed, read up on the posted reviews of the firm & participate- post your experience with the company. They sent me a new SIM card 7 times, but after all that time, wasted effort and many, many hours of speaking with customer service, I finally got to use my new phone. It had awsome battery life, it kept going for DAYS while i was hitchiking through the mountains and had no charger of my own. Everyone should get the word out about how they trat their customers once they get their money and how poor their technical suppport is. I can talk and text as much as I want and I will never pay for an overage charge or going over my minutes anymore.
Make sure automatic sync is turned on on your phone and your contacts will wonderfully appear on your phone. The picture quality was brilliant and i had crisp service no matter what WILDERNESS i got myself into. After 20 calls realized that a phone with a sim card will not work and a phone without a sim will work. I even had one customer service rep hang up on me because I couldn't understand a word she said. Also Internet service doesn't work, they fixed this once but when they shut my phone off for no reason AGAIN, it stopped working and they cant fix it.
The reception does not work up here and it would be nice if Straight Talk would have working towers for reception here as well.

I get excellent service at my house, which is out in the boonies, where most people don't. After spending over $200 I had to purchase another phone,Samsung SGH-T528G (GP)cost me close to same. I must say, I wonder at the huge price difference- I have a pretty decent phone(the r355c) on a really good network- seems weird that I also pay so much less. Through the entire conversation there was a buzzing noise like a prehistoric mosquito and the person talking to me was broken up so badly, I felt that I was having a conversation with myself. The techs can barley speak English and even if you get one you can understand they don't listen to you. One guy actually got back on the phone and pretended to be the supervisor and when asked his name, he hesitated trying to come up with a name.
But to whoever reads these reviews, please try and get reception in the areas around Jackson and Martell California.
If u choose to go with them anyway, good luck and hopefully it works out for u cuz if so its a good deal.
Told me that I have to deactivate my phone so they can activate the new phone and then said they couldn't give me my same number cause the old phone was deactivated.

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