T-Mobile announced its latest Un-carrier initiative today with a new “Data Stash” feature that allows customers to bank unused data and carry it over month-to-month for up to a year. There is no limit to the amount of data users can stash, according to T-Mobile, although data can only be banked for up to a year. T-Mobile is going to begin rolling out the Data Stash features to all existing customers at no charge starting next year in January.
Imagine gas stations charging you UP FRONT for gas that you didn’t even pump into your car?
AT&T takes your partially full barrel and gives you a new, full one and charges exorbitant high prices for extra gas, and T-Mobile lets you keep the leftovers in case you plan on taking a long trip.
Still, T-mobile remains the least bad of US carriers for those who can live with their coverage restrictions (which are improving).
Is it just me or everyone know what terrible network T-Mobile is in terms of territory coverage? Because fwiw, I do understand that Tmo has pretty poor coverage, but price and overall less bs was more important. Smart Communications’ move to offer free mobile Internet access to its subscribers for five months up to end-February 2015 has boosted the growth in mobile Internet revenues in the first quarter of the year. From September 2014 to February 2015, Smart ran the Free Internet promo giving Smart, Sun Cellular, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers 30 MB of free data per day.
Subscribers had access not just to social networking sites like Facebook, but also their chosen websites and relevant applications. Over six million mobile phone subscribers of Smart, Sun, and Talk ‘N Text signed up for the promo, 70% of whom were first-time mobile Internet users. Mobile data usage in the Smart network surged by 188% in the first quarter, to 21,598 terabytes.

Smart also announced new Big Bytes data packages for prepaid and broadband subscribers, which give them even more generous mobile data packages.
Other efforts to stimulate data usage include sponsored data from SafeZone and content partnerships with global digital services from Disney, Skype, Deezer, and YouTube, among many others. Smart, through value brand Talk ‘N Text, also partnered with Facebook to launch Internet.org in the Philippines, an application that currently gives free access to 24 useful and informative sites including popular social apps Facebook and Messenger.
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Verizon on Monday confirmed it has brought back its 2GB bonus data promotion for users on the XL and XXL plans.
The way it works is pretty simple: all phone lines on either of the two plans receive 2GB of data per month. According to Verizon, the data can be shared across existing tablets and hotspots but cannot be used for new ones.
In addition to the extra data, Verizon is offering up to $650 in credits to attract prospective customers.
The post Verizon revives 2GB free data promo for heavier users appeared first on AndroidGuys. T-Mobile’s 200MB Free Data for Life offer for tablet users isn’t eligible for data rollover. While I’ve been a customer of yours forever, I especially love what you’ve been doing the last few years! Our premise with Free Internet is that Filipinos will get into the habit of using mobile data once they have experienced the ease, usefulness, and relevance of being connected. 28: Subscribers now get 30 MB of free Internet access per day whenever they buy prepaid packages for voice and text messaging.

Available immediately, both new and existing customers on the 12GB and 18GB data plans will receive extra data each month. The bonus data will stay on a user’s account as long as they remain on the XL or XXL plan. Should you port your number from another carrier, Big Red will pay off your early termination fees and any remaining balances on equipment.
I was T-Mobile customer for many years, and I did contact T-Mobile support so many times during my 2 yeas subscription and year after that to ask to improve the coverage where I work and area I leave. In fact, in the places I go, the data coverage and call quality is much, much better than AT&T. I just have no idea how people could not understand that TM is very bad in coverage normal leaving and working areas. Now I have friend who do not want to pay too much and struggle with TM connection, even with some device they send him for free. If TM invest in infrastructure and have the same coverage as AT&T I will move with this prices, but at this point, I do not see any significant desire from Legere to do the most important think in order to get more customers on his network. I am just regular user who never even go over 500GB of data, but when I need it, I have it on AT&T network. At GDS, we connect with readers through covering sale events and shopping trends in Singapore, as well as providing unbiased product guides and reviews.

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