December 26, 2013 By Leann 28 Comments Pandora added an extra free bracelet event to the US promotion schedule, much to my delight. This deal is perfect for anyone who didn’t get a Pandora present under the Christmas tree or needs a bracelet to . I got the sea star, the mittens, and an open work SS charm I can’t seem to find the name of. I am a little dissapointed though, because I wanted to restring my whole bracelet on my new free promo bracelet.
Went to local store hoping to get free bracelet when spending my gift card and they are not participating in this promotion, very disappointed. I went to Pandora concept store at Bellevue Square hoping to get the 5 station clip for free but no such luck.

Leann, hope this helps clear things up a bit, but unofficially, we were told that this was Pandora’s way of helping out retailers in the Mid-West due to their miserable weather the first part of December. And then later in the weekend I went to the Pandora outlet with my sister and got a new clip (It was 50 percent off!). No, just an employee of a family owned business, a business that hopes to be treated with respect by the vendors we represent. I got myself an Essence bracelet and the Wisdom charm and got a free bangle- I love the way they look worn together. Free bracelet events are no picnic for us, we actually lose money; not to mention that our inventory is depleted from the holidays, and we are all exhausted from working 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last three weeks. We verified that there was no one (including the nearest Pandora store) within at least 75 miles of us participating.

Anyways, one of my Disney Chamilia charms won’t screw on the new bracelet, so I guess it will have to be the new one I work on. This was not something we needed to deal with on top of all the exchanges of wrong size bracelets and duplicated charms. The manager, who has been very accommodating in past, seemed a bit stressed and said Pandora sent out a strong email about that issue and that she could get in real trouble. No worries, though as I went to a shop-in-shop in the same mall and got a couple other things.

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