All of these games are the full Xbox titles with Achievements, but you won’t find them on the usual download pages. WindowsGame.rsIn Shoggoth Rising you play a shipwrecked hero Ned, who has taken refuge in a lighthouse. They once gave away 20 Xbox Windows Phone games and once even made available a non-Xbox Sonic CD game for Lumia users. Just browse through the Windows Phone catalog to look for the special free offer or click on the links above to get them. This is a pretty fantastic offer if you own the specific devices, so be sure to grab it while it lasts. Sadly, you are not safe from the sea monsters who are, for some insane reason, out to kill you. Our goal is to provide timely news, honest reviews, insightful analysis, helpful cheats and walkthroughs.

DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. That goodwill looks set to continue with its latest promotion where the company is offering select Lumia owners free versions of nine of the best games to come out of Gameloft Studios.
They come out from all sides of the lighthouse, leaving you with no option but to pull out your weapons and kill them before they get to you.
3, Order & Chaos Online, and Shark Dash can now be downloaded onto your devices from the Windows Phone Store for free. 2 years agoIn Reach for the Sky you move your balloon to the left or right by tapping on the respective side of the screen.
The balloon moves up with the help of hot air, which you must grab as it drops from the sky.
Too little of it will sink your balloon while too much of it will propel the balloon so high that you won’t be able to see incoming obstacles such as birds and helicopters.2 years agoIf you’re making an utterly silly game, why not just go wild with the idea.

Kitty in the Box is set in the deep blue skies where a small platform emerges with a kitty at one end and an open box at the other. Your job is to press and hold the screen to get kitty to start running and then let go so that he slides right into the box.2 years agoEach level in Duck Destroy comprises missions. You’ll need to complete at least one mission in each level after which you’ll be given a chance to play a mini slot machine game and multiply your earnings. During the game you can pick up bonus gold by collecting eggs dropped by falling ducks2 years agoThe main battle screen displays your army at the bottom of the screen along with your commander’s life and gold count, while the enemy army and the enemy commander’s life and gold count are displayed at the top.

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