I hate the fact, that despite of freedom to do anything, when we are blocked to access websites like Facebook, Orkut in College, offices. Alright, let me get into little bit of technicality here and give you an overview of proxy site and how do a proxy site work. We can use I.P based proxy or simply open free proxy sites like Hidemyass, Proxify to access website and stay anonymous. No doubt that proxy softwares are the best way to access blocked website but again if you surfing from a public computer and quickly need to surf by hiding your I.P. Do let us know if you are aware of more proxy websites which are not easily detected by firewall software and are working.
Most of the time, network admin will implement hardware or script based blocking to these sites and we have to hunt down proxy sites to access these blocked site.

Here is my list of those websites, which have been there for ages and work most of the time. Though, I never liked the idea of proxy site, as they are the first one to get blocked and getting a list of Working proxy site is tough. Since, we can’t ensure the safety of our data when accessing anything using these proxy websites. Though there is a problem with these sites, as many firewall software can easily detect Proxy sites and put a filter on them. Though, most of the time you will see an advertisement at the top but I believe that is ok as the cost of anonymous surfing. I always suggest and prefer to use software based unblocking and there are many free options like Ultrasurf, Your-Freedom and Freegate, which you can consider using.

Or if you are looking for paid but reliable options, you should consider buying VPN software’s. If your firewall block sites like Facebook, Letmewatchthis based on URL name you can use encrypted URL option to access them.

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