Upgrade to high-resolution versions of our design layouts suitable for commercial printing. Includes download access to 11 file formats for Mac and PC including Microsoft Word & Publisher.
Get full access to our entire library and download up to 50 templates per month for one low price.
Access the entire library and download up to 50 templates per month for one low price.
In this tutorial we’ll be creating a letterhead in Microsoft Publisher.Scroll down to the More Office Templates section and click on Letterhead. He earned his undergraduate degree in Information Technology followed by a postgraduate degree in Business Informatics.

All files are downloaded in a .zip format which may be unzipped with any zip software on your computer.
This will take you to a selection of readily created letterheads that include theme designed pages for your document. He has a visionary personality and thus created many user guides, user manuals, how-to articles and presentations guides.
You can either double click on the template you wish to use or click on Download to the right.You’ll want to increase the zoom to see what you’re working with. The letterhead is a logo or symbol that represents your company or may feature your name and contact information in one logo.
This site offers many other templates, but I thought this was a cute file that had a bit of a different Easter look.

If you want to search their site for more templates, simply type in the word "Easter" in the search box in the upper right portion of the page. It’s best to experiment with colors, shapes, and text to get the feel you want for your company logo for your letterhead. It’s also best to Group them to easily move them about the page.Finally, there is your contact information.

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