Inkshares is a crowdfunded book publishing service that allows authors to pitch books for publishing and readers to support authors by pre-ordering copies of books. Basically, authors pitch, readers pre-order, and Inkshares does the publishing once a book reaches its goal.
Inkshares will publish any book that successfully hits a pre-order threshold on their platform.
Once a book meets the pre-order threshold, Inkshares will edit, design, print, distribute, and market the books. Any author can submit a book proposal on Inkshares, and there is no service charge or fee to crowdfund a project on Inkshares. Once the project goes live, readers support the project by pre-ordering copies of the book.
Readers are charged only when books hit their goal (If the pre-order goal isn’t hit, no transaction takes place). Once the pre-order threshold is hit, Inkshares starts publishing: they assign authors an editor, a designer, and they handle all aspects of printing, distribution, and marketing once the manuscript is finished. Inkshares has a partnership with one of the largest distributors in the world, Ingram Publishing Services, and their books are sold at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and at hundreds of independent bookstores. Authors maintain the copyright, and Inkshares has a non-exclusive right to distribute the work in print and digital.
If you live in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, or the United States, Inkshares can publish your book. You can earn $15 in free credits to use toward book purchases when you sign up for a free Inkshares account. You can then use your $15 in free credits to purchase any book on Inkshares, so new users can purchase a free book. Inkshares Credits can be used like money on the Inkshares platform to back or purchase any book. Take advantage of $15 in free credits to purchase a book on Inkshares and earn additional Inkshares Credits for performing other activities.
I have read plenty of articles and blogs about signing with a publisher versus self-publishing, and most have a similar theme.
The title is another area where you sort of have control, but the publisher has the right to veto. She responded and told me not to worry, she was confident I would find places later in the book to add different words back to the story. I am nearly to the end of the first round of edits for my first non-self-published book and already, I feel I have become a better writer. And so long as they put a hunky, muscle-bound man on the cover, I’ll be happy with that too. Also, those who have a lot more time on their hands than working moms with kids and a “day job” to pay the bills while we try to get these writing careers off the ground, right?

Publishing Basics takes all the mystery out of self-publishing and helps steer you in the right direction. Our traditional mail-in kits are perfect for teachers that wish to capture their students' handwriting and illustrations in a timeless keepsake. These beautiful books make favorite reading selections because students love to read books created by their peers.
Parents are always impressed with the books their children create through Studentreasures free student publishing programs. We offer several FREE programs for K-6 educators to help turn your students into published authors!
We'll publish your middle school students' writing & illustrations into beautiful hardbound books! This is the first time I've had a problem - there is no way to download the layout templates like there was before. Where is the download button for the layout templates?It only has a button for the book covers which worked fine!
Filed Under: Blogging Short Books, Create a POD Book, Create an E-Book, Selfpublish Your Blogged Book, What to Do When You Complete Your Blogged Book Tagged With: publish a book, publish a book fast, publish a pod book, publish an ebookJune 26, 2014 by Nina Amir 14 Comments Can You Blog a Book and Use the Amazon KDP and KDP Select Programs? Filed Under: Create an E-Book, Selfpublish Your Blogged Book, What to Do When You Complete Your Blogged Book Tagged With: blog-to-book, digital publishing, ebook, self-publishingNovember 6, 2012 by Nina Amir 23 Comments Can You Publish Blogged Material As a Kindle Ebook? One of my clients recently had a bad experience with Amazon as she rushed to get her book to market on a deadline.
Once your booked blog has been professionally edited, you must decide how you will publish it. Nina Amir, the Inspiration to Creation Coach, inspires writers to create published products and careers as authors as well as to achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose and potential. Bestselling authors like Michael Hyatt and Joanna Penn use Scrivener and endorse this course!
Discovering Best-Sellers: Earn $15 in credits any time you back a book that goes on to sell over 2,000 copies. Choosing to go with a publisher to make your book available to the world means you lose control. I get the impression that this can be a potential point of contingency between publishers and authors, based on the information I’ve been given thus far.
This is the area, I assume, many writers feel they truly have to give up control, and ultimately decide self-publishing is the way to go. I’m using that same advice as I work through the final edits of my latest self-published book as well. Either click the "Download Book Cover Template Here" link and then sign-in OR sign-in and then click the "Download Book Cover Template Here" Link.Either will bring you to the page with templates. Before committing to big distribution, try these quick and easy ways to publish while you finesse your book with great editing and design.

More people read ebooks than other types of books, and many writers and bloggers dream of becoming Amazon Kindle bestsellers.
You have a variety of options for turning your blogged book manuscript into an actual book. If so, there are lots of programs available these days that can turn your blog into a book.
I tried Learn Scrivener Fast, too, and found it a quick, easy way to learn the Scrivener writing technology. You can refer a book after following a book or recommending a chapter on any book’s project page (via the social media icons), from the order confirmation page, or by clicking the referral link on your email receipt.
I suppose this is true in some areas, namely marketing — which I’m okay with because that’s why I chose to continue to seek a publishing partner, even after reading all those articles telling me to do it my own way. I haven’t seen either of my covers yet, but both publishers have made it clear that I have absolutely no control over the final decision. Yes, it is a daunting task, if you have never had one of your books edited by a professional before.
Redundancy, using someone’s name too many times in one paragraph, repeating the same angst instead of finding a new reason why the hero and heroine should stay apart for another forty or fifty pages. In fact, I wish I could go back in time and edit all of my self-published books in the same way. Studentreasures publishing is the perfect tool to help guide your students through the writing process! Also, can I put same books that are on Amazon on your site and use their issued ISBN # Trying to get a wide exposure for my mysteries. They have also made it abundantly clear that they have artists on staff whose jobs are to create covers that will sell books. After scanning the first couple dozen pages of edits, I started hyperventilating, afraid I was going to have to cut so much that my novel would turn into a novella. Yes, I have a preconceived notion of what I’d like the cover to look like, but I also understand the dynamics of our relationship.
The publisher does not make money unless my book sells, so whatever cover they determine best fits my words, I believe they have confidence it will sell. So while I did not have total control over the title, I had enough to feel comfortable, and to be honest, the new title fits the book content better than the original anyway.

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