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Publishers, authors, marketers and other professionals need new, digital skills to succeed in today’s publishing world. Here’s how our Digital Publishing 101 courses can help publishers and authors to succeed in today’s online-driven marketplace.
Do you want to improve your digital art designs?  As a designer you have a split second to attract someone to your product, as it is competing with so many others.  Or maybe this is for internal use such as business presentations? This digital download is available using PayPal or Credit Card.  I process most orders in less than an hour during normal business hours. NOTE TO SCHOOLS: Site licenses for the above courses are completely FREE to non-private schools.
Watch a short video that describes this course, and provides two tutorials to create a magazine cover, and calendars in Scribus. SPECIAL FEATURES: Steve Czajka, the managing editor for GIMP Magazine, provides a review of self-publishing an international magazine. Upon payment confirmation you will be sent an email with the digital download link.  It is as simple as that! Still not convinced?  Check out how Scribus is used to create professionally designed and printed brochures. Designed for Photographers, Fine Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Artists, Digital Artists and the like who want to learn GIMP and Inkscape software along with online portfolio solutions.
For the Calligraphy Review Service all you need is a camera or scanner, and ability to send your images through the internet (e.g.
This entire eBook was created with open source software – GIMP for image manipulation, Inkscape for all diagrams and exemplars and Scribus for desktop publishing. I’m from Chile ( South America ) I bought this DVD, and I have to say this course is great course.

The videos were very helpful, so nice to actually see you you use tools and learn exactly what can be done.
Is there anyway you could share what the list of topics are for the Digital Arts Course like you have for the Desktop Publishing Course. Here is a link to the original post that contains the topics to the Digital Arts Course using GIMP and Inkscape.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It provides everything you’ll need to build a successful digital publishing business. But often the training you need isn’t there when you need it, or doesn’t provide the detail you need when you try to put what you’ve learned into practice. And you want people to buy into your ideas.  Or maybe you just really enjoy digital arts as hobby and want to make the best of that?  This course can help you with that and more! This review covers the major steps to start up a magazine, build a following via social media, and provide amazing content. What will i be able to accomplish after watching and following along with the courseware files and what not? You will be confident in all of the main aspects of GIMP (layers, masks, curves, hsl, filters, cropping, selections, painting, drawing etc…) It is a comprehensive course. I have been thinking of starting up a blog of his works alone, but he has so many analogue photos I would not know where to start. I have been using Scribus for a couple of years but knew that I still was not using many of the tools available.
There seems to be a serious lack of structured courses out there covering open source design software. It would be good to see the domination of Adobe being challenged in that sphere, and more of a balance established.

I am a school teacher and I teach GIMP in my classes but I’m not an expert and would love to see what you cover.
Steve shares the publishing workflow procedures that GIMP Magazine utilizes for each issue of the publication, typography style guides and several design considerations to creating a clean and appealing magazine layout. Does it cover just a few things about the gimp and inkscape or is it a very in depth course and cover what all the tools and options are? I still have a fair bit of work to go when you consider content development and testing, graphics, exercise development, video capture, sound capture, production, editing, packaging, payment and roll out. Since you have so much Exp in graphic design, i am trying to find a good book on design concepts for my wife. But she is also looking for a book to understand why certtain layouts or colors work and not others and how to layout images in a correct manner and what not. I imagine if I have questions I can either email you for help or you can point me in the right direction. She is debating to go to school for 6 months to learn graphics arts using indesign, illustrator, and PS. I am using gimp 2.8 and I know things change with versions so I hope I can complete the course on newer versions of gimp.
Anyway, some info an a good book or free ebooks that explain that would be cool, unless it is all covered in the dvd, then i wont worry about it.

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