The slim paperback is a primer on the phenomenon as well as a chronicle of his own experience fast-tracking the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Opinions are mixed on the biggest question: Are MOOC students learning as much as they would in traditional courses? Software entrepreneur Jonathan Haber has an undergraduate degree, but decided to dedicate a year to determining if MOOCs can provide the equivalent of a traditional liberal-arts degree. Instead of the professor lecturing to students, who then do research, study, and homework alone, many online classes flip that around, according to student and blogger Jonathan Haber, who said he is taking enough online classes to earn a four-year college degree in just one year. Someday, anyone with an Internet connection could be walking away with the equivalent of a college degree. Read course reviews, follow my progress, and read about trends in online learning — right in your inbox! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It wa founded by Swaminathan Sadanand in 1930 to provide support to Free Press of India which was supporting Indian Independence movement. The Royal Society of Chemistry encourages authors to submit manuscripts for journal articles in LaTeX by providing three templates for authors to use. To help you stay on par with your peers, we would like to invite you to join us for the free webinar to have an online consultation with the Editor-in-Chief, Small and learn more about how to get your paper published in Small, the leading nanotechnology journal, with an impact factor of 8.349.
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Materials: Computers with Internet access, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by John Scieszka, Dear Mr.
Students will create a journal that chronicles the events and feelings of the character for each day's reading selection. Students will provide comments on the character journals for other students based on what the other students write. Students will become familiar with online journaling and the pros and cons of keeping an online journal. The teacher will hold up a diary and ask the students what it is and what they might expect to find inside. The teacher will then read a selection from the diary that the teacher has written that chronicles major events of the day and incorporates the teacher's emotions about what is going on. The teacher will introduce the book as one that involves a narrator who writes to a famous author in a way that is similar to a diary. The teacher will pass out a worksheet similar to the chart, consisting of a table divided into three columns: date, events and feelings. The teacher will have the students read the diary entry dated December 12 th and with a partner, complete the date, events and feelings chart. The teacher will reassemble the class and discuss what the students wrote on their charts for each entry. Aim: Students will familiarize themselves with online journals and create their own online journal.
The teacher will begin by asking students to recall the reasons why people keep diaries and the parts of a diary (date, events, emotions). The teacher will mention that there are several programs which make it easy to keep a diary online.
The teacher will direct the students to several examples on online journals that the teacher has preselected for content and age-appropriateness.
If it becomes too difficult to locate examples of child-appropriate blogs, the teacher can always create an example to show the class.
The teacher will have the students view these journals and look for the events and feelings that occur each day, similar to what they did yesterday with Dear Mr. The teacher will direct the students to the comments selection on the journals and ask the students to describe what kind of comments they see, and why one might comment on someone else's journal. The teacher will direct the students to the classroom accounts that have already been created, and inform them of the password required to view the accounts. The teacher will describe how to access the accounts and update them by using the owner's password.
Most online journals only let one user be online at a time, so the teacher can set aside four or five computers (depending on how many accounts were created) for the owner accounts. Students who are waiting to post journal messages, or those who have already posted messages, can browse through the messages being posted by their classmates, click on the comment button, and comment on what their classmates are saying.

Once the class has completed posting their entries, the teacher can direct the students to several examples from the class and ask what events and feelings the student mentioned. The students will post a journal entry that summarizes things or events that have happened during the day and how the student feels about those events.
Aim: The students will examine a traditional story told from a different perspective, and then write their own online journal entries from that character's point of view. The teacher will ask the students who the villain was in the story and who the victims were. The teacher will ask the students why it is important to understand point of view when reading a story.
The teacher will introduce The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by saying it is told through the wolf's point of view. Once the book is completed, the teacher will ask the students how the wolf's point of view differed from the story they were familiar with.
The teacher will ask the students to remember the two key elements of a diary (recalling events and discussing feelings). The teacher will tell the students they will be writing an online journal entry today from the point of view of the wolf. Students who finish early can browse the other posts and, pretending they are a different character (such as the wolf's wife or the pig's mother), post a comment about a classmate's entry. Students will successfully post an entry on their web journal written from the point of view of the wolf that chronicles the events of the day and includes how the wolf felt about all of this. Aim: Students will summarize the events in a chapter by posting an online journal entry from the point of view of the main character of their book. The students will review and discuss what they have already learned about diaries and online diaries. The teacher will inform the students that they are going to begin using online journaling as a way to think deeper about the books they are reading.
The teacher will explain that after every chapter read, children will assume the identity of the main character and post a journal entry for that character. The teacher can review the previous day's entries written from the character's perspective. The teacher will tell the students that they will also be reading each other's entries, even for books they have not read. The teacher will announce that for today, they will create their journal entries in the voice of the main character from the book they are reading. The students will write a journal entry for that day, when finished browse the other entries. The students will write a journal entry that successfully summarizes the events of the chapter from the main character's perspective and includes some form of reflection, opinion, or feelings by the character. Once these four lessons have been completed, the students should be able to continue with the activity on their own. Present information clearly in a variety of oral and written forms such as summaries, paraphrases, brief reports, stories, posters, and charts. Present personal responses to literature that make reference to the plot, characters, ideas, vocabulary, and text structure. Recognize that the criteria that one uses to analyze and evaluate anything depend on one's point of view and purpose for the analysis. Recognize the kind of interaction appropriate for different circumstances, such as story hour, group discussions, and one-on-one conversations.
Read and discuss published letters, diaries, and journals to learn the conventions of social writing. Describe how technology can have positive and negative effects on the environment and on the way people live and work.
Students will regularly write an online journal in the voice of the main character of their book. The students' journal will accurately depict the events from the most recent chapter and include some sort of emotion, opinion, or feelings unique to that character. An epic adventure story set in France where animals work ancient magic to save the future and nothing is as it appears. The following is an example of an article I wanted to read this past week, but I didn’t because I was unwilling to pay $25 (a ridiculously high fee) to read it. The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research is an example of an open-access, peer-reviewed journal which does NOT have a paywall of any type.
Hat tip to John Lester of Reaction Grid for sharing the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research in last week’s Seedlings show and podcast!
Did you know Wes has published several eBooks and "eBook singles?" 1 of them is available free!

If you're trying to listen to a podcast episode and it's not working, check this status page. The way they cross link papers, based on cited references, and provide a list of related papers, based on co-citation is really clever. My specific focus here is academic journals, which have the ostensible goal of amplifying the new ideas of researchers which build on the findings of peers. We should see textbook prices fall precipitously as digital content distribution transforms and disintermediates the traditional publishing process. These are issues I feel strongly about and would like to find ways to better advocate on together with others in the years ahead. The student is Jonathan Haber, a 51-year-old who has taken a year off from his job in publishing to try to get an entire four years’ worth of college from MOOCs and other free online materials. The templates cover the scope of articles published by journals of the RSC: full papers (including reviews), communications and faraday discussions.
LaTeX Templates cannot change these templates in any way due to copyright restrictions and files provided here are unmodified from their original source at RSC Publishing. José Oliveira studied chemistry at the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa). Faculty members who report reading more also publish more and are more likely to have won professional awards than their colleagues who report reading less. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary or an alternate title that has diary entries, a diary, chapter books the students will read as they write their journals, multiple classroom accounts to an online journal service such as easyjournal, blogspot, or typepad.
The students will correctly summarize the events and the emotions contained in each entry on the chart worksheets they complete together.
Students at these computers can post their own test message on their account describing the events of what they have done so far, and their feelings about the events.
They provide a nice website (which costs money to host, design and maintain) and, via that website, they make it very easy for you to find the paper. Use google, type in the title, try first enclosed in quotes, try without quotes if it doesn’t work. Digital publication is a game changer: There is zero marginal cost for the publication of an additional blog post, an additional article, and additional journal entry.
Each template includes dummy content which provides an example for authors for how to write their paper in LaTeX. Small provides the very best forum for experimental and theoretical studies of fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research at these dimensions.
He obtained his PhD at the same university in 2000 in organic synthesis, working on reaction methodology and natural product synthesis.
Forcing others to PAY to simply read your ideas when they are formally published in an academic journal is antithetical to the basic ideals of academic publishing. We need ALL our academic journals to embrace this paradigm of free, electronic publication. They also have to cover administrative costs having to do with the reviewing, editing, and publishing of each paper. It’s up to the author to publish their content in an open way (if this can be done without breaching any contractual obligation). My son is currently studying for a Masters in Geophysics and paid ?80 last year for a textbook written by his lecturer, without which he wouldn’t be able to complete assignments. The digital landscape won’t be entirely filled with free academic content, but it should and will be (I predict) filled with not only more choices, but also less expensive and free choices. At the submission stage the author(s) are requested to provide a PDF of the manuscript typeset in LaTeX including all figures.
With a 2011 ISI Impact Factor of 8.349, Small continues to be among the top multidisciplinary journals covering a broad spectrum of topics at the nano- and microscale at the interface of materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering, medicine, and biology. Unfortunately, we see a number of professional organizations as well as journal publishers ignoring or rejecting this ethic of open sharing and publishing. Perhaps we need a campaign with website badges which professors can utilize to evangelize this perspective on publishing? There are times and places for creating artificial scarcity for intellectual property works and charging an access fee. Academic journal publishing should NOT be one of those exceptions to the tendency for bits to be free, however.

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